Are my speakers useless because I switched to Android

  • 18 November 2021
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I love the performance and function of my Sonos speakers, but I’m tired of the cult-like following required for me to use Apple devices so I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy s21. Now I’ve learned that Sonos and Google aren’t friends and that I have to choose between the phone I much prefer over the speakers I enjoy. It looks like Google lost the patent lawsuit and hopefully pays Sonos whatever you’re due, now can we please support casting so I don’t have to deal with mom & dad’s quarrel? I paid a premium for your speakers, and my phone, but I can’t send the audio from the apps I want to use to my speakers because why again?


The app that I’m trying to use is White Noise by TMSOFT because it helps me sleep and there aren’t any good continuous alternatives on Sonos or Pandora


Compatibility isn’t a lot to ask.


4 replies

Sonos has already written, and made available the API for “casting”, as you call it. It would be up to Google to implement it. Sonos is more than willing to be the recipient of the whole “casting” aspect, but they don’t have control over Android’s operating system. 

On the other hand, you might want to contact TMSOFT and ask them if they’d be willing to implement their connection in the already existing Sonos API, so that you could use the Sonos controller, rather than having to “cast”. Just point them at the Sonos partners page.

And to answer the question in your topic title, no. 

The Google/Sonos patent lawsuit isn’t resolved yet.  Regardless, it’s highly unlikely that it was result in Sonos no longer supporting Google or music services, at least while contracts still exist, and certainly will not result in removing the Sonos app from android devices.

Airgetlam Bruce - thank you for the information. If nothing else its good to know which organization to be annoyed with. I will contact TMSOFT their connection with the Sonos API. 


Thank you!

Well, as @melvimbe suggests, there is still the ongoing lawsuits, so I’m confident there’s a not a lot of good will on either side, but that secondary suggestion kind of sidesteps that issue completely.

Calm, a similar service, already has a “plug in” for Sonos, there’s no reasons why TMSOFT couldn’t do so as well.