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  • 17 February 2021
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Just switched from Spotify to Apple Music and having this exact same issue when trying to access my playlists, etc. through the Sonos apps.  Keeping this topic fresh in hopes that someone is working on it.  Very frustrating.  FWIW, I used Apple Music before moving to Spotify and did not have these issues back then.

@gravityattracts one fix that I do is airplay the regular Apple music app but we shouldn’t have to do that. 

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@ryancarpenter27 No, the problem still exists and Sonos support has not been able to help me. Sonos is blaming the problem on Apple and Apple has insisted there is nothing wrong with my account (and I believe them). There is something wrong with the Sonos software and it is not authenticating correctly. Maybe it will break for enough people and they will have to address it at some point. 

@gravityattracts did you get a solution for this?  This is happening to me and I chatted with Sonos support via text and they couldn’t help


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Hi @gravityattracts, apologies for the late response.

Understood - did you manage to test the system using a different Apple Music account at all? Did you experience the same behaviour?

If you didn’t have access to a different Apple Music account to test with, you can also get in touch with our Support Team - they have access to some test accounts and they’ll be able to perform some live troubleshooting with you :)

I’ve seen some instances of issues with Apple Music be solved by removing the service - uninstalling and reinstalling the Apple Music app to your phone, and then adding the service back to Sonos, which may be worth trying here also.


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Really disappointed no one from Sonos seems willing to help.


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@Xander P @Annazel S 

I’ve spent 45 minutes on the telephone with Apple Support. They had me share my screen and walk them through the issue. They escalated it to another department and at the end of the call, they said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my Apple Music account and that the problem lies with Sonos.


So please help me. My main Sonos use case is to play music from the Apple Music service and without access to my playlists, etc. then the Sonos ecosystem doesn’t off much value for me. 

Please help.

New diagnostics just now: 479903479

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Hi @gravityattracts

As you’re experiencing the same issue on all of your controllers, and there’s been no change after rebooting the network as well as Sonos, it seems that this is an account issue - I did take a quick look at the diagnostic, and there are no obvious errors on the Sonos side of things.

If you have access to another Apple Music account, or are able to borrow one temporarily, would it be possible to add that account to Sonos, and see if there’s any difference when browsing My Music?

If an alternate Apple Music account does not show the same issue, I’d recommend reaching out to Apple Support regarding this. Let us know how you get on!


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@Xander P Wondering if you have spotted any problems in my diagnostic file?


All help appreciated as this had previously been my main method of listening to Apple Music on Sonos.

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I have one speaker plugged into the router with an ethernet cable. Two others are connected via wifi.

Router has been restarted. Speakers have been restarted.

Apple Music service has been deleted and re-added.

To be clear, the problem is not with Apple Music in its entirety. I can search for and play music. It’s only when selecting the ‘My Music’ option that I get the error.


Fresh diagnostics just now 30813835.

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Hi @gravityattracts, there was no change with a speaker wired via Ethernet cable?

Would it be possible to perform a full network refresh? You can do this by rebooting your router (turning it off for about 15 seconds before turning back on), followed by rebooting each Sonos speaker when the network is back online. Let us know if this helps!

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This is unsuccessful. This happens on all of my controllers (Mac, iPhone, iPad).


Nothing has changed since the ‘My Music’ function was working some months ago.  


I’ve just submitted diagnostics if you can help.  1725287185

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Hi @gravityattracts.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! We’d be glad to help.

Commonly this comes as a result of wireless interference, this article will help you reduce wireless interference around your Sonos products.

If you are using a local WiFi network with more than one WiFi hub or access point, I recommend that you can try to switch your system toSonosNet by wiring just one standalone Sonos device to your primary WiFi hub or router, that begins the WiFi network. Attempt music playback, or any other activity to Sonos that was previously failing, and see if the problem will be resolved.


Let us know how it goes.