Apple Music service within Sonos: process for implementing changes?

  • 3 May 2018
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For me there are two shortcomings that Apple Music integration has within Sonos: the inability to add tracks to an Apple Music playlist and the lack of the ‘Top Songs’ list that each artist has within Apple Music itself, but not via Sonos. Both have been discussed in other threads, with the answer that they’re basically feature requests, so record them as such.

As far as I remember, both these functions are available through the Spotify integration, meaning it’s basically Apple not making full use of Sonos’s API. Even if that puts the ball in Apple’s court, I’d like to know:

- Does Sonos regularly discuss feature requests such as this with their service providers? Or do they leave them to it to implement features and fixes as they see fit?
- Do Sonos have any influence at all over the process eg. Can they make suggestions as to what to prioritise based on user requests?
- Has the Apple Music service been updated at all since its introduction? Are there changelogs?
- Is Sonos made aware of changes that its service providers are planning, and are there known to be any in the pipeline for Apple Music?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed...

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1 reply

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Nobody ever replied, so I emailed support. For the benefit of anyone else who wants the answers to these things, the official Sonos reply was:

"I can't comment on the question about meetings, but as for the other questions, we take feedback from our community and support cases and provide them to our music service partners. The implementation within Sonos is something that each partner has control over so if they do or don't want a feature implemented, they get to decide. Updates to this can either be immediate and not noticeable or be part of a Sonos updates (for minor things it will usually just appear). There have been minor updates to the Apple Music service implementation since it was launched.

We also can't comment on potential release dates or our product roadmap until they have been officially announced."