Apple music selection severly limited through Sonos app

  • 4 February 2020
  • 3 replies

Recently I have found that looking up music through the search feature on the app delivers a very limited selection from Apple Music. Playlists that I know exist on Apple Music (I see them on my Apple Music App) and that I uesd to listen to trough the sonos app do not appear any more. Recent examples are: any “Essentials” play list. recent searches for Depeche Mode and Death Cab for Cutie come up with almost nothing - and no Essentials which I know exisits. Another recent search that I know exists and has previously existed through Sonos is Elton John Influences (dont judge me!). I mention the examples only because maybe other people can see them and its something from my end?

I am using the app on a Samsung device.




3 replies

Thanks for the link. I did do a search for apple miusic but didn’t see this one. Following now.



No worries. I know that the company that makes the forum software has been updating the search function, but I’ve not really tested it much. But memory served better. Hopefully that thread is relavent to your issue.