Apple Music Radio - No Music

  • 18 October 2016
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Anyone streaming the Apple Music radio stations notice that after a (short) while the music will stop? When I check the app it says "No Music". This happens every so often and is vert frustrating. I used to stream Pandora for hours before I switched to Apple Music and never had an issue. I have a 3-room setup. 2 Play 1s and 1 (current gen) Play 5 with the app installed on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

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8 replies

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Hi there, could you try streaming a station from TuneIn Radio to test whether it has the same issue? Also, the next time this happens can you please submit a diagnostic report from the Sonos App, then reply here with the confirmation number?
Thanks Craig. I have used TuneIn and Pandora previously with no issues. Next time this occurs I will submit a report and go from there.
Craig. This happened again tonight. I submitted diagnostics report: 665627.

Sorry, that was 6656270.

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Hi, it looks like we're intermittently losing connection to the Apple Music service from your Sonos system. Since this wasn't happening with Pandora, it may be due to Apple Music streaming at a higher quality which puts more stress on your Internet connection. Could you please run a speedtest and a pingtest from a computer on your network and let me know the results?

Also, try playing TIDAL on your system as well since it streams at an even higher bitrate than Apple Music and monitor for any drops in playback. If TIDAL is working fine, you’re most likely dealing with an issue with the connection from your modem out to Apple Music and one of the hops in there.

Are you using any VPN or DNS anonymizing software like UnblockUS?
Jose, thanks for the reply. I appreciate your suggestions but I don't think my internet connection is the issue. I am subscribed to my ISP's 75/75 service tier and regularly see up/down speeds in the 80's - I have attached a screen capture from a test I did just now. Additionally, I am not using a VPN or any other hardware/software which will decrease speed or introduce latency on my network. I believe that Pandora streams at 192 and Apple at 256. I could be wrong but we're not talking about much of an increase. I don't have a Tidal subscription but outside of Sonos I do stream video in HD via YouTube, Netflix and a few other services and experience zero issues with the quality and don't have video streams abruptly stop. Furthermore, I sometimes use headphones and stream Apple Music using my iPad and don't experience any issues doing this over WiFi but my Play 5 is connected to the network via ethernet when the music stops (as you can probably tell from the diagnostic report). I had hoped that this was a known issue and something that might be solved in a future update. Based on your response, it doesn't seem like it so if it persists I will maybe have to consider switching music services or media systems.
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The error coming up says that there is an issue with the API. Have you tried Removing and Re-adding your account yet? This article shows you how, just in case. If this doesn't resolve it, we may need you to give us a call. In which case, feel free to DM me your e-mail address and I can create a ticket for you. It is not entirely necessary, however. You can call without one.
Quick update for any Sonos staff members who might be monitoring this thread.... Yesterday I took an additional troubleshooting step and factory reset each of my players and setup my system again from scratch one player and controller at a time. Still did not resolve this issue. I do plan on calling in for support later today or over the weekend. I did DM Edward yesterday as requested so if there was a support ticket created please pass along the number so I can reference it when I call.

Thank you.