Apple Music - no “top songs” option AND voice commands no longer working to play from Apple Music

  • 8 March 2019
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Hello. I have Amazon Music and Apple Music on my sonos one devices. I want to get rid of amazon music due to finances.

When I use the sonos app to access music, with Amazon music, after searching an artist, there is an option to play “top songs” or “top tracks”. I would think, if using the app to play music, this would be what most people use! 🙂

With Apple Music there is no option for this (play top tracks) and the only option is to look through allllll the artist’s albums and pick an album.

Is there a way to add “top songs” or “top tracks” to the Apple Music section ??

It makes the Apple Music part of the app mostly not functional (for me)

ALSO - when I speak to the sonos one and say “play bob marley on Apple Music” it says “Apple Music is not available on this device” What is that about? Since clearly Apple Music is on the device, and this command USED to work.

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2 replies

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Apple Music is lame in this regard (you can see the same results in the Sonos app itself, independent of Alexa). My Alexa Skill for Sonos does its best with Apple Music, but generally Spotify does a better job, and Amazon is ok too. Apple don't really put much effort into what they present to the Sonos system, and for artists in particular they do a very disappointing job IMHO.
I suspect Apple spends much more time worrying about the experience on their HomePods, than they do on their integration with Sonos.