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  • 28 December 2015
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So far, I have found the Apple Music Beta introduction to the Sonos controller to be very well done and not buggy. However, it does seem the integration lacks a serious feature... Apple Music (on all other platforms) has the Thumbs Up / Like button to signify that you like a specific track or album. This helps drive the Apple Music "For You" suggestions. It seems this feature has thus far been ignored on the Sonos integration.

Please consider adding this valuable part of the Apple Music ethos to the Sonos Controller before full roll out!

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5 replies

Yep, quite surprised Apple left that out of their Sonos integration. Would love to see a thumbs down, too, but that's oddly missing from their native app.
Agree this would be a great addition. In personalising your music preferences
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I'm surprised that this is still an issue a year out. Google Play has this, and it honestly seems to have better integration with the Sonos controller.
I agree; and as I have written elsewhere today on this subject, once this was available, I would feel no need for Direct Control for Apple Music a la Spotify.
Bump.... Where is this feature in Sonos at all? I've had to resort to creating a "Sonos sucks" playlist and then do my thumbs up / down in there as I play that playlist on Sonos... I know it isn't Sonos fault but my work around sucks.