Apple Music/iTunes sync.

  • 27 July 2020
  • 2 replies

I have been struggling to keep my music library updated since Sonos stopped letting me play off my iPad,  I now have Sonos reading off my MacBook And working well, except that I cannot get the music folder on my MacBook to sync with anything (music or playlists) added to AppleMusic/iTunes on my iPad.  I have tried both Sonos and Apple support, without success. Is there an app, program or other solution for someone not too technical?

2 replies

You’d just need to either sync the iOS device with your Mac, or download the files in question from iTunes to your Mac. There may be an automatic setting in the Music app to do so. But what’s happening is you’re telling Sonos to play a song that you’ve gotten access to, and the Sonos is looking on the Mack’s HD for it. Since you’ve downloaded it to another device, Sonos can’t find it. The song must be saved to the Mac’s hard drive.


Thanks so much for the quick reply and for confirming I need to sync or download.  My problem is that I cannot come up with a way to sync the Apple Music/iTunes on my iPad with the music folders on my MacBook, from which the Sonos system is reading.  I thought this would be an easy process — connect the two devices and ask them to sync by adding what’s new on the iPad to what exists on the MacBook — but I cannot seem to make that work.  Any apps, techniques or suggestions will be most appreciated.