Apple Music iCloud Music Library Skipping Songs

  • 26 November 2016
  • 6 replies

Has anyone encountered this issue with Apple Music iCloud Music Library where on Sonos will play some songs but skip other songs? This is part of Apple Music where you go to "My Music" the music from your library in the Cloud that has been matched. Everything works fine out of Sonos in the Music app on my iPhone and Mac. But Sonos not so much.

From what I'm noticing is that the files it doesn’t like are mp3 or MPEG audio files that have been matched. Any uploaded songs or ACC files work fine.

Anyone have a solution?

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6 replies

I have exactly the same issue and Sonos have told me they know about it but not sure if it will ever get fixed. My sonos player plays all my Apple Music unless it's been matched by iCloud. So horrible as this is musci I own on CD and have stored in the cloud. The only solution thus far is to store it locally on my iphone. Not an option for me as I don't have the storage cababilites left. Please fix this problem Sonos.
I think this may be an Apple issue rather than a Sonos one but let's put that to one side for a moment. Another option is a free Google Play Music account. Upload your ripped tracks to that.
I purchased my sonos system from Apple after the salesman said it would work seamlessly with Apple Music and iTunes. I feel duped. Not willing to store it on another system as I have thousands of tracks, its time I don't have. Apple need to fix the problem. Sonos need to chase them up on it. I sold a very expensive PA system to buy sonos and now I'm passed my returns period.
Well pardon me for trying to help. If you think Apple is going to change its DRM policy because of anybody chasing it, you will be in for a long wait. Uploading to GPM would not take much of your time. It only physically uploads the tracks it doesn't have in its vast library, and you just set it going and go and do something else. But your choice.

I'm not an Apple user (because of things like this), but do you have a paid subscription to Apple Music? If so I would have expected you to be able to play your tracks.
My frustration is not aimed at you John, apologies. Apple should not be selling sonos as a complete solution. Sonos have personally replied to me saying it's not to do with DRM content. The other reason I don't want to upload it to google is that I have many playlists carefully created that mix my music and Apple Music. They are useless on my sonos player as tracks skip.
OK no hard feelings and I understand the frustration. Are the tracks and playlists on a computer?