Apple Music “For You” vs Sonos “For You”

The music selection from iTunes Apple Music For You is different that what I see under Sonos > Browse > Apple Music > For you. I am trying to play music that Apple Music has suggested and does not come up within Sonos App.. I created a playlist out of the music within iTunes and after reindexing my music, the playlist shows up within Sonos but only has 1 of 24 songs available. How can I see the same music within Sonos?

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Hi, glgonzales. Welcome to the community. There could be a number of things at play here and I think you have two separate issues. With regards to the first one you mentioned, Apple ultimately has control over the recommendations that appear both in our controller and on their own service. I'd be happy to provide that feedback via the appropriate channel so hopefully they can get one to more closely mirror the other. However, the other issue likely relates to files stored locally on your computer, as it involves your music library. In order for us to properly identify and resolve the issue, I would suggest giving us a call. Many thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

I do have the same issue. The "For You" section in the Sonos App does not show the same things as the "For You" section in Apple Music. It doesn't even get updated every day. At least several albums or playlists show up for many days, whereas in the Apple Music app this section gets completely updated on a daily basis.

This is super annoying, because I do like the recommendations in the Apple Music app very often. Heading over to the Sonos Controller, I cannot find those items then.
I have the exact same issue and complaint.
rftoomey wrote:

I have the exact same issue and complaint.

Take your complaint to Apple because they are responsible for the integration of Apple Music on Sonos.

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