Apple Music - downloaded music not appearing "on this iPhone"

  • 29 November 2016
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Hi, I'm new to all this so apologies if this is obvious/undoable etc...
I downloaded tracks from Apple Music to my iPhone and integrated them with other songs already on the phone into a playlist. Full playlist plays fine through Bluetooth, but when I play it through Sonos (accessing the playlist through "on this iPhone/playlists" etc...) only the original tracks play, and not the new tracks downloaded from Apple Music (i.e. the ones I don't "own"). Basically the Sonos app doesn't recognise any of the downloaded Apple Music tracks as "on this iPhone", even though they obviously are.
Any ideas? Or do I have to create whole new Sonos playlists to do things like this?
Help would be appreciated, thanks!!

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2 replies

I'm also new to all this, but I saw this article. Maybe it will help.
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Since you don't own them you can't play them from there.

You need to add them to your queue from the Apple Music app within Sonos.