Apple Music doesn’t sync to Sonos Controller again?

  • 2 February 2018
  • 4 replies

Over the last day or so, when I add something new to my Apple Music library (either on iTunes or on my iMac) it doesn't sync through to Sonos, just like the issue we experienced a month or so ago. For example, I added a track to my library yesterday morning, manually updated iCloud Music Library, but it still doesn't show under My Music in the Apple Music section of Sonos Controller, whether I access the controller on desktop or via an iOS device.

It shows in my iTunes library, and synchronises to all my other Apple devices (so iCloud Music Library is working ok) but won't show up in the Sonos app, either in Recently Added or if I look under Artist/Album etc. It is a very similar symptom to the issue we had a month or so ago, although admittedly could be something completely different! I've tried removing Apple Music from Sonos Controller and then re-adding it, but still no luck. I have run a diagnostic - ref 8440102. Thanks.

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4 replies

I have the exact same issue
+1 exact same issue. Re-adding the service doesn’t fix it which feels bizarre, sonos is caching a version of my old service profile?! I just bought an entire system to use with Apple Music and to find this in my first week of use is so incredibly frustrating and finding this issue reported here for months makes me question the accuracy of advertising claims that sonos is compatible with Apple Music. This is basic functionality that is not reliably delivered.
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+1 ... very frustrating ... tried all the suggested posted in prior posts
Sonos, have you thought about commenting on here so we know when/if a fix is coming?