Apple Music deleted albums still showing on Sonos

  • 16 July 2017
  • 6 replies

I have occasionally noticed albums I have deleted on Apple Music still show in Sonos. The album title will show but the artwork has gone, as have the tracks within the album. They often disappear in time but often I have to add the album again in Apple Music then delete it again which often gets rid of it. However, I now have one stubborn empty album that won't disappear and this particular album no longer lists an artist - just the album title so when I try and add the album (in order to try and delete it) it shows up twice and deleting the re-added album just deletes that one and leaves the one I'm trying to get rid off. I have tried removing Apple Music and re-adding it, I have cleared my Apple Music library, I have rebooted my router, my Sonos speaker itself - before finally resetting the thing to factory settings - the thing is still there. As someone with OCD over such things does anyone have any other ideas?

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6 replies

Hello MightyMoz. Thank you for this topic. Same problem here. It's really annoying. Unfortunately I also haven't figured out to solve the problem yet...
I have...I cancelled my Apple Music subscription and returned to Spotify.
Not the worst idea... good luck with that.
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Anyone managed to solve it?
I have given Apple Music another go after receiving an invite to a free month. I believe after a few months of cancelling your subscription, Apple clears your saved music. This appears to have also got rid of the ‘ghost’ albums I had. Not really a solution, but it did solve the problem.
I had this issue. Loaded up iTunes on the PC which showed the albums that I had deleted via apple music on my ipad. Deleted the albums on iTunes and it fixed my phatom albums showing up in MySonos Apple Music Albums.