Apple Music app is limited on Sonos

  • 10 September 2019
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I seem to find that when searching for artists or compilation albums via the Apple music app, I typically find what I am looking for. When using Apple Music via Sonos, the search results vary, typically not showing what was previously available on the Apple Music app directly. Is this a bug in Sonos limiting the search parameters or is this a contractual limitation imposed by Sonos and Apple Music meant to increase bottom for Sonos and Apple? It's very frustrating to pay the money for Sonos with expectations that my paid services from Apple Music will be comparable at the very least.

Can you confirm whether its a bug or a contractual agreement? Is this going to be addressed?

1 reply

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Apple are entirely responsible for search results on their service, nothing to do with Sonos. If you want them to improve it you'll need to ask Apple, somewhere. Good luck, Apple really don't care too much about their SMAPI service.

Please put your paranoia away.