Apple Music - Album sort order and release date

  • 30 December 2015
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I find it difficult to actually look for the latest album of an artist. Take Coldplay as an example.
Do an artist search in SONOS app inside AppleMusic, click on the artist, you will get the full album discography.
However, I do not understand in which order it is listed ?
It is also difficult to know which one is the latest, what year it's been released. Would be actually very useful.

Thank in advance..Charly

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8 replies

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Agree + sort album by year in playlists/favourites would be useful
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+1 for album year sorting
+1 for album year sorting
+1 for album year sorting. Search in Apple Music is evidently something of a Work In Progress, with known shortcomings whilst in beta.

It's no consolation, but Google Play is also all over the place. Deezer and TIDAL do however attempt to put releases in reverse chronological order.
+1 for album year sorting
+1 for album year sorting
Any news on this, SONOS or Apple? It started getting really annoying a long time ago! The sort order of albums seems completely random...
+1 for album year sorting, and showing release year somewhere in the app.
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I'm a recent Apple Music and Sonos adopter and am interested to know what Sonos uses to sort the albums within an artist in Apple Music? In the Apple Music app on my Mac and iPhone they are newest first, but within the Sonos app the order appears random.
When I look at the albums from an artist under 'My Library' section of Apple Music, they're ordered the same as in the Music app, by release date I have it.

Similarly, my own NAS 'My Library' orders albums alphabetically. Is it possible for Sonos to get the release date from the MP3 file?