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  • 13 December 2016
  • 2 replies

Any plans to integrate Apple Music with Sonos à la Spotify?

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2 replies

Here is the official answer:

We're definitely looking to partner with more services with similar direct control implementation to what we just added with Spotify but we don't have any specifics that can be shared right now on who's next or what to expect. The announcement about Apple Music was about the integration that came out around the same time but there certainly may come a day when you get direct control from their app too.

The process of getting the app to play is a partnership, there's a lot of work on both sides of things that need to take place in order to make it all work smoothly. Though it took a Sonos update here to get Spotify Connect working, there was a lot of changes in the back end on both sides. Definitely not the sort of thing where one partner holds all the cards. Again, I can't confirm or deny anything. But stay tuned and we hope you enjoy what the future brings.

I'll pass along the suggestion to our team here for you guys.
Interesting. I would have bet on Pandora being the next with casting, since they made noises about it at the Aug 30th press conference. But, with Apple putting Sonos speakers in their stores, and ending all network development / products, they are definitely ripe for this. It must be embarrassing for them that Spotify users can easily cast to the premiere networked speakers, and they are forced to tell customers to use the Sonos app instead of their own...