Anyone using Pandora?

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I recently heard about Pandora ( and have found it a great way to find new music. I am considering getting a Sonos system and want to know if there is a way to listen to Pandora through the Sonos system in various zones.

Pandora is basically an internet radio that uses an initial artist or song name to then stream similar music randomly through your computer. Currently I just listen to the site when I am working on the computer, but would like to be able to hook it into the stereo system somehow. The biggest issue would be whether you would have to go to the computer and start it up or could control it somehow with the Sonos controller. Very cool app, but I want to make sure it would work with Sonos before getting my hopes too high.


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I took part in Pandora's preview as well and also liked it.

Right now the way to use it with Sonos would be to attach the line out from your PC to the line-input of a ZonePlayer. This setup will retain all of the distribution options that Sonos gives you with Pandora's content. You will have to control Pandora from your PC (i.e. switching songs etc. volume/mute can still be controlled from Sonos) since there is not currently a way to interact with their controller via Sonos.

If you enjoy Pandora you might also like Rhapsody's customer Radio stations. I find them to give a similar experience.

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I just discovered Pandora (thanks to the Wired Review). It's AWESOME.

The fact that it allows you to specify a genre from an artist is hman centric. I am not good at using words to characterize the music I listen to - but can easily describe it by example.

A little bit like the thumbs up, thumbs down feature of TIVO.

Does Rhapsody allow this?



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