Anyone using Netgear - SC101 - Storage Central SAN Enclosure ?

  • 2 March 2006
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I am looking for a inexpensive NAS solution and only need 300 - 400 Gb of storage. In googling NAS the Netgear enclosure looks good as you can buy your own drives, but not sure if it is a true NAS or requires a special driver (and hence wouldn't work with Sonos).

1 reply

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The Netgear SC101 requires drivers on your computer to access the drive(s) which makes this a glorified (very slow) USB drive with RAID capability over network. This is not a true NAS device.

To me the only thing this adds over an external USB drive is the option for running RAID. Most external USB drives are USB2 at 480Mbps as opposed to this device which is limited to 100Mbps.