Another Unhappy and Frustrated Sonos User: Playing Macbook Audio through the Sonos System?

  • 4 September 2016
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Hey Sonos,

Two weeks into using my Sonos Play 3 Speaker I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I can't use my Macbook Pro laptop as the audio source. Not only is the functionality between the Sonos Desktop App and the Speaker rubbish (I'm continually coming up with roadblacks and "Sonos can't connect to the Macbook" messages) there seems to be no easy way of streaming the Macbook audio directly to the speakers ie. using the Play 3 as a Desktop speaker. Not all of us want to simply use iPhones and iPads with the Sonos system, we would love to be able to stream music directly from our laptop and desktop computers!

Even after spending hours using 3rd party software to try to connect them (eg. SonoAir) I continually come up with issues. And I have to applaud these 3rd party designers because at least they are doing something about resolving the issue (which is more than I can say about you guys at Sonos!)

The Sonos system has the potential to be a great piece of technology, I just don't understand why Sonos isn't doing anything about making the product the best it can truly be. After spending $450 on the Play 3 I'm really disappointed in this side of its functionality, I feel like spending a few weekends in Electronics stores telling potential buyers why they shouldn't bother with any Sonos products until Sonos recognises this issue and makers a proper attempt at explaining why it's not being solved or at least why it can't be solved.



Should Sonos Speakers be able to be used as a Desktop Speaker

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52 replies

You're most welcome.
Wow, I don’t understand why so many people jumped on the OP saying sonos is not for you. I just got my system and Dj while working via the sonos app. Someone suggested I listen to a song on YouTube and I thought, man it would be great if this played over the sonos. While I’m at it, it would be great if when I was playing an mp4 movie off my laptop, connected to my 4K projector, I could have the audio over the sonos. Seems like a reasonable feature request. I get that it isn’t easy, and I’m still satisfied with my system- but it’s an added function I would like to have.