Amazon Prime - won't play all songs in playlist

  • 13 November 2016
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Hi, im a bit puzzled, I have songs in playlists on my amazon music cloud that work through the app (streaming). When I import the playlist to my Sonos app it shows the tracks icons however when I play them it try's to play the first track, fails then moves to the next track fails and repeats the same. Strange thing is some playlists work and others follow the described problem. Anyone got insight into this problem?

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5 replies

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Hi GeoS. Mind sending us a diagnostic code so we can take a look and see why some of the songs are failing to play?
Thanks Jose, diagnostic code sent. 6763463
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Hi, GeoS. The diagnostics did not pinpoint the source of the issue, were they captured within 20 minutes of the issue having been recreated? Can you please do that for me and then submit another diagnostic? Thank you in advance!
Hi Edward, try 6823663.

From the Sonos play list (drawn from my amazon music cloud account) all songs show. When some songs are clicked they don't play.

When "..." clicked to pull menus up next to track (that won't play) the menu is limited to "view all songs" on "album or browse artist" (rather than the normal play now, play next etc)

However if you play the track prior to ones that won't play, then once the track has started by pressing ">>" for next the unplayable track will play.

Seems as though the track can play, but only via a convoluted route and not "play all" or track selection directly from the Sonos playlist.

Can you help?

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Hi GeoS, is your system still experiencing the same issue? If yes, the best would be to contact us by phone.
A Sonos agent will be able to have a deeper look and remotely connect to your system.