Amazon Music Unlimited (Family) Accounts

  • 24 June 2019
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Looking for some advice...current setup is multiple Sonos devices (2 x Play 1, 2 x Play 3 and Soundbar + Sub). For a couple of years I've been using Spotify as my main source of music, I pay for the family subscription and use 4 accounts (me, wife, eldest son and 1 for sonos). I eventually figured that I needed a "Sonos" Spotify account (with help from Sonos via twitter) to overcome a conflict of my using Spotify in the car whilst the wife was trying to use the same Spotify account on the sonos at home at the same time. Once i got everyone (including my Sonos system) their own Spotify accounts, it all works fine...

But I've made a change, I now have 4 Amazon Echo dots, each one is in an Alexa group and has a Sonos as it's default speaker. The voice commands are working fab and make the Sonos even better. The only downside is that Amazon really drive you down the Amazon music route even though I have tried to set Spotify as my default music service (within Alexa app/devices). I don't have any issue switching from a Spotify family plan to an Amazon Unlimited family plan (cost is the same). My main query is, will the Sonos system need it's own Amazon family account like I had to do with Spotify? Does anyone have experience with this?

2 replies

Good question.... I'd like to know too... Google took me here. I'd guess it would. Did you try Steve?
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No. As I understand it, you 5 (or so) simultaneous streams. You can share that with a single account or multiple. I currently use it with just one account, so i can have multiple sonos rooms streaming, plus other places.

I am thinking of adding a second accout for my son, as i don't want his music choices ruining 'recently played'. I don't exactly sure how well that will work yet. The 2nd account would be on hos phone, while first account would be me and sonos. Although he does use Alexa cast to Sonos frequently, so perhaps both accounts need to be set up in Sonos.