Amazon Music Unlimited

  • 12 October 2016
  • 10 replies

Sounds promising. $4/mo on Echo or Dot. Will that extend to Sonos with the Alexa integration? Time will tell. Can't find any details regarding bit rate.

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10 replies

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I found the IPhone app to be very, very good. I found the Sonos integration to be better than Apple Music's but still not as good as the native app...which is to be expected. I am very excited about the prospects of signing up for the family plan. The integration with the Amazon Echo is amazing and once Sonos/Echo work together, you have a near perfect system in my opinion.
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Does it work already with Sonos over in the US using the existing Amazon Music integration? We don't have it in the UK yet
Looks like the $3.99/mo deal is for a single Dot or Echo. If it is only for a single device, I doubt this will carry over to Sonos. The $7.99/mo for Prime - $9.99/mo non-Prime apply to "all devices", and probably what the Sonos devices require. But who knows at this point?
Looks like 256K mp3. Apple uses 256K AAC, which supposedly is superior. Other competitors use 320K mp3.

Think I'll wait until the Dot arrives to do their 30 day trial. Can't really judge SQ on the Echo.
I tried the free trial, and can confirm it does work on Sonos via the existing Amazon integration
I can verify this. All I had to do was sign up for the trial of Unlimited and it's automatically synced with what I was doing on the app. At first blush, pretty nice, but as usual, the integration with Sonos isn't perfect. Amazon Music Unlimited offers LOTS of choice with tons of stations and curated playlists, but searching in Sonos isn't that good. Possibly it'll improve over time. At the price to prime users, it's going to be a very strong competitor across the board IMO.
Once the Sonos/Alexa integration is complete, searching via voice ought to be quite good, from what I've read.
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Interesting that it is working for some of you. Not for me. On Sonos I'm only getting my personal Amazon Music, can't access the new catalog. Amazon Music Unlimited is working fine on my computer.

[edit] Never Mind... the search was configured to search "My Music". Changing it to search Amazon Music has it working!
I just set up a Play 5 with an Echo Dot today and Amazon Music Unlimited. I'm not using any of the Sonos software (other than to get through setup). Just using the 3.5 mm audio jack to connect the Dot to the Play 5. Works just like a regular Echo, but with great quality sound now.
Ah, didn't realize it was already updated inside the Sonos app (minus voice control). Cool, started the free trial.

Voice control on the Echo is pretty sweet. I'm an album listener, it's very simple and frustration free to start an album playing. Will sound a lot better when the Dot arrives in a couple weeks, and full Sonos integration will be awesome!