Amazon Music Storage Subscription Plans To Be Retired

  • 11 April 2018
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Apologies if this has been covered (I couldn't find anything via search which surprised me). I use Amazon Music as my primary Sonos source and I received the following notification from Amazon UK this week;

*****The Amazon Music Storage subscription plans (free and paid) are being retired, and new subscriptions are no longer accepted.
Effective April 29, 2018, subscription renewals will no longer be available. Current paid subscription members can upload and store up to 250,000 imported songs in supported file types while their subscription is active.

Important - Upcoming Changes to Music Storage Plans
Note: These changes only impact music you’ve imported. Music purchased from Amazon (MP3s or AutoRip from CDs) remains securely stored for playback and download.
Paid 250,000 Song Storage Plan
As of April 29, 2018, storage plans can no longer be renewed.
While your membership is active, you can continue to upload music.
To play or download your previously uploaded songs after your subscription expires, go to Your Amazon Music Settings and select “Keep my songs.” This needs to be done before your subscription expires.
After your subscription expires:
There is no option to restart your subscription.
Additional music can’t be uploaded.
All Amazon music purchases remain securely stored for free*****

Having read this a few times, I'm still unsure whether users will be able to stream previously uploaded music after the expiry date. The way I'm reading it is telling me that users will only be able to stream music that has been purchased from Amazon. I've selected "keep my songs" as instructed.

I thought I'd post this regardless as a heads up for those that use this service for their Sonos. I've spent days/hours importing music and creating playlists in Amazon for my Sonos.

I'll be contacting Amazon UK for clarification but I'd also appreciate the thoughts of other users.


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3 replies


I currently pay an annual Amazon subscription to store some of my music and have uploaded 20,000 (plus) tracks. My thoughts are the tracks will remain available if a user chooses the 'online music settings option' to 'Keep my Songs' (I’ve already done that too), but I assume all the uploaded music will still disappear once my annual subscription runs out, which in my case, is December 2018.

If a user doesn’t take the option to 'Keep my Songs' presumably the uploaded files will all just delete on April 29th. Not sure if part of the existing subscription, in my case, would be refunded?

As the annual (upload) subscription option ends for all on April 29th 2018, I assume no one at all will have any uploaded tracks by the same date in 2019.

That’s my understanding of their recent letter. I just can’t see Amazon holding onto my 20,000 (plus) tracks and providing me with access to them forever, whilst my normal streaming service (also paid annually) continues. It would be nice though, If they did allow that continued storage to happen.
I didn't receive a letter, but from what I can tell from the information in the Amazon music app....

-This only applies to music storage service that comes with a Prime membership. If you are using Amazon Music Unlimited, nothing is changing.

- "In order to continue to play and download your uploaded songs after your subscription expires, select "Keep my songs". It sounds to me like you'll still be able to play your songs after the service is terminated.

- My app says the subscription expires on April 19, not April 29. Perhaps it's a different date depending on country?

- All of this information is titled under Prime, which could mean that I retain the rights to my uploaded music as long as I'm a prime member? Not sure.

It seems sort of odd that they would allow users to play uploaded music, but not upload additional tracks...without a subscription. That doesn't seem like it would have a significant impact on storage and streaming bandwith costs, thus they aren't saving money. So why are they doing this. My guess is that they believe that every one has gotten the chance to upload their libraries by now, so the only songs they are uploading were purchased from a different vendor. They want to discourage people from buying elsewhere and uploaded to their site, pushing you to buy through them. I'm not sure that's a sound strategy though, as it will also prevent anyone from switching to Amazon from someplace else.
Just to say I’m not a Prime user, I just have an annual subscription to their 'unlimited' music service, but I did get the letter and the option to 'Keep my Music', which was showing in my online music settings.

I actually wondered, at the time, if my uploaded music would be deleted at the end of April, had I not elected to keep my tracks. It seemed a little odd, as I had paid the annual £24.99 to retain them up until December... I didn’t bother contacting Amazon initially, as I just elected to keep the tracks, but now reading this thread, I decide to contact Amazon UK customer support on 0800 279 7234 a few moments ago.

The Amazon customer support staff are saying the fact I have already opted to 'Keep my Songs’ that all my tracks will move over to my online 'music library' and remain there for as long as I continue to subscribe to their streaming music services.

So it looks like the 20,000 plus songs uploaded, will indeed remain in my Amazon cloud account now for many years to come.