Amazon Music Shared Playlists not showing up

  • 23 July 2018
  • 5 replies

I've tried everything in my ability but can't get this to work. Trying to listen to an Amazon Music playlists created by a friend (who also has Amazon music) but they won't show up in my Sonos app. Going to Amazon Music > My Music > Playlists and they are not showing up. Any help or workaround is appreciated.

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5 replies

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Does your friend's playlist show in the Amazon music app itself?
Yes, it does.
Found two other posts stating: "when using Amazon Music, a "shared" playlist does not load with Sonos. In Amazon Music they are called "Followed Playlists"." Also: "I have the same problem that a shared playlist is not visible in the Sonos app. I can see all my playlists and the ones curated by Amazon which I follow but I cannot see any shared by my friends with me." What's up Sonos??
Sonos has an open interface for music services to come in to Sonos. They don't write interfaces for each service. In other words, if a playlist or feature you want with a service isn't there, it's because the music service didn't put it there. Sonos can pass on your request to Amazon, but it's unlikely they can do anything about it themselves. You may want to talk with Amazon support about this.
I'll try that. Thanks. I can't be the only one having this issue.