Amazon Music Prime?.

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Hello, just after opinions on Amazon Music Prime?.

I'm looking at getting the Amazon Prime account with Music Prime.

How well does that work with Sonos and can you select individual songs or is it just playlists?.

I'm aware they do Music Ultimate but I'm only interested in how the Prime works with Sonos.

Any comments appreciated!.

Cheers, Keith.

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Amazon Music works great with Sonos. You can select individual songs, albums, playlists, and “Prime Stations”. Read more here:

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Thanks, it just seemed a bit ambiguous with playing single songs etc, mentioned "curated playlists" for prime.

I might give the 30 day trial a go and see how it goes.

Just looking my wifes Spotify account and it works very well straight from the Spotify App.

Decisions decisions.

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I also apper to be able to get free Deezer mixes on Sonos but only if I ask from an Alexa speaker.

I ended our Deezer subscription over a year ago.

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I used Amazon Music here, started off with just the basic offered with Prime but upgraded to Unlimited toget the larger collection. I see no gain from the HD offerings, your ears may or may not.

I appreciate the ability to have different Amazon streams playing in different rooms too.