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  • 8 December 2019
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Posted to NZ from America for a few months, why cant I stream Amazon Music over here? System still set to USA so cannot see why it wouldnt work, please advise :-)

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5 replies

Amazon probably has their own system to prevent the US music files to be played over seas. There usually are pretty heavy fines written in to most music contracts if you don’t provide adequate security to keep playback from occurring in areas not covered by the contract. Sonos is required to accede to the legal agreements that Amazon has, they can’t just stream things anywhere they like. 

Thanks Bruce, 

I can still stream on phone and ipad so that is not the issue here….any other ideas?

Using what? Their own app? There would likely be different legal agreements for streaming to third party apps/speakers then there would be for their own apps. I spent a couple of years of my life working with lawyers trying to get various agreements to put licensed music in a game. You wouldn’t believe the oddities of getting these agreements figured out.

Or, I could be wrong, and Sonos doesn’t like people in New Zealand, and are trying not to sell speakers there, by not supporting streaming partners data. Seems unlikely to me, it feels like the legal agreements between Amazon and the music rights holder is a less sinister interpretation.

I would imagine there are “illegal” ways to get the music to play, but this is a Sonos website, and I expect they wouldn’t take kindly to a post encouraging breaking the laws. 

Depending on what speaker you have, you could potentially either AirPlay 2 to it, or connect a headphone to line in cable to your speaker. Unfortunately, both of those options require specific equipment on your side, which you may not have. Sorry I can’t be of more help. 

Thanks again Bruce,


I can totally believe the oddities of legal agreements, hopefully Sonos/Amazon are moving forwards here as they have in other countries.


I’m certainly with you. There are a plethora of countries that get asked about here that Amazon music doesn’t work in. Unfortunately, Sonos doesn’t get to be in the middle of those discussions. They’re told by Amazon where the music can be streamed.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to complain to Amazon directly. I can’t imagine they pay anyone to monitor these boards for issues….and I suspect, oddly enough, that they give more credence to complaints from their customers, more so than a third party distributor like Sonos. Sonos neither pays them, nor are they paid by Amazon. Despite the fact that Sonos represents a fair amount of customers for the stream.

And then you’ve got to think about sales of Amazon speakers vs Sonos speakers. It’s entirely possible that at this point, Amazon considers Sonos a competitor, and wants to keep the stream in other locations to their own hardware, in order to get people to switch. Seems awfully “conspiracy theory” to me, I’d certainly hope it’s not the case. But I don’t work for any of these folks, and certainly none of them are willing to explain, so we are left with random strangers on the internet, like me, making guesses. At the end of the day, your opinion is as valid as mine. ;)