Amazon Music Error - Unable to play song not encoded correctly

  • 12 September 2019
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Since Sonos is deprecating the ability to play music stored in iPhones directly to my Sonos setup, I started using the integrated Amazon Music service. I have a playlist which I'm able to play a few songs fine then it doesn't at others and spits out the encoding error. And I have another which errors out at every song. Haven't had this issue before. It just started this week. Please see diagnostic code below:

Diagnostic Code 2142816187


3 replies

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You might want to contact Sonos support directly, the Contact page has 24x7 direct contact info.

My Amazon Prime Music has been working fine today.
Hi Sonos user 321. I, too, am experiencing same issue. Started this week. I have multiple Sonos units and have streamed Amazon and other services for years. I have already been in contact with Sonos several times trying various things to no avail. The issue is affecting quite a few people but then there are those like Stanley who seem unaffected. I am able to play all my music from phone or tablets just fine. I can also play via echo just fine. But about 50% of the songs in my play lists get skipped via Amazon via Sonos. FYI... None of my ACDC songs play at all. Google play music play lists work just fine. Hopefully issue is fixed soon.

I am likewise affected when using Amazon music on Sonos, but not when playing amazon music from laptop or android phone