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  • 20 June 2019
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Good Morning All,

I have what I am hoping is a very simple problem to resolve. I have an existing set up of various Sonos Devices all of which work happily with my Amazon Alexa devices. When I ask my amazon alexa devices to play music on a particular Sonos device (i.e. Play AC\DC in the Kitchen) it works like a charm, happily playing the music from my Amazon music subscription. All good so far...…

I recently added a Sonos Play 1 with Alexa Built in. If I as to play music on it via an of the Alexa devices it works very well HOWEVER if i ask the native Alexa to play something it obviously does not pick up the correct Amazon Account as it will only play samples.

The example i always use to test it is asking the Play 1 with Alexa to play Thunderstruck by AC\DC. It returns with "Playing a Sample of Thunderstruck by AC\DC from Amazon Music" if i ask one of my Alexa devices the same question it plays fine.

I have tried to do everything i can find on the internet to fix it but it is all about getting Play 1 to work Alexa...………. so i am asking a specific, dedicated question on this. How do i ensure the Play 1 with Alexa built in is using the correct Amazon account?

Please help!!

Kind Regards,


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7 replies

Just to make sure we start from the right place.... There is no such thing as a 'Play:1 with Alexa built in'. You either have a Play:1 (no built in Alexa) or a Sonos One (built in Alexa). Please confirm which you have.
Sonos One
Have you tried disabling the Sonos skill for Alexa in the Alexa app, then re-enabling it, then doing a new 'discover devices'?
Also, please can I check.... in the Sonos app you can see all speakers? All the existing ones and the new Sonos One?
yes, i can see everything in both apps and all works as expected if you use either the voice recognition in Alexa app or any of the Echo Show and Echo Dots. this issue is ONLY when i ask the native Alexa to play something. It is almost as if the native alexa is not using my Amazon Account.

Any article i have seen says that the native sonos alexa will use the Amazon Account that is being used on my phone but try as i might, it just does not want to pick up the account details. I have tried adding the Amazon Music stream and it "seems" to connect correctly but still nothing
Have you tried the disable and re-enable?

What command are you giving to the One? Are you saying 'in the kitchen'.

What Alexa groups do you have set up? Do you have a group consisting only of the Sonos One?
As an aside to what John is helping with, there is no "native" Sonos Alexa. All Sonos does is provide a conduit to Alexa, which lives in the cloud. There's nothing in the Sonos speaker other than a set of microphones, which are enabled by your settings to reach out to the cloud.