Amazing Slow Downer

Will Sonos enable the use of Amazing Slow Downer on Sonos?

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Probably not as an integrated service, no, since it seems to need a computer to operate. However, you could relatively easily connect the output of your computer to the Sonos ecosystem in several ways which have been enumerated here on these boards.
Thank you for your reply.
ASD works also as IOS app and does not need a computer to operate. I think it would work as easy as Spotify if they tryied
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I'll pass the request along for you holsviks. We don't have any plans I can share, but I'll let the team know.
Thanks Ryan, many musicians would like that and it opens for music schools to use Sonos as monitors in their classes.

I'll just point out that, on Sonos, audio doesn't pass through the controller (whether that controller is iOS, Android, or a PC/Mac player).

ASD requires an application between the audio source and the output. That application need to run on a computer as Airgetlam stated (an app on your iOS device is still running on a computer, even if that computer is a portable one). In other words, the way ASD works is it relies on the audio being streamed through the controller, which Sonos doesn't normally do.

That's not to say it's impossible to do, but it would require a significant re-engineering of the way Sonos works which is unlikely to happen unless there's a huge demand for this, which I'm afraid to say I'm not seeing.


I posted a separate string as I could not find this one until after I posted. I note that all the replies are a year old but I feel if i would like this, there are probably others too. It seems that Sonos struggles to allow other packages to work with it, which is so sad. Surely if my iTunes library on my Mac will play through Sonos, and Sonostube will run through Sonos, it cannot be rocket science to you Sonos Techs to add a patch that will recognise the output from Amazing Slow Downer. I have 3 Sonos Play 3s which only have network ports, so I don't have an analogue audio feed to use. I do have Apple TV, so I can play anything from the Mac through there, but I don't have a sound bar yet (still saving my pennies.) Come on Sonos, there is a demand for this, please make it happen.
Majik explained it precisely up there. Ultimately, it would be up to ASD to provide the output option to Sonos and use Sonos’ SDK to provide that option for it’s users. The audio stream output needs to be redirected from your computer’s sound card or your device’s output option to Sonos. Contact ASD.

Good to see you, Majik.
Thank you for pointing that out. While precise, it might as well have been in Swahili to a non computer person. I didn't really understand what that meant and if I didn't perhaps others might not either. Also the use of undescribed TLA's is not helpful to us computer numpties either. (TLA = Three Letter Acronym.)
Sonos provides a development kit for companies to to be able to develop applications to interface with Sonos. Amazing Slow Downer would need to use that development kit to build in an option to output to Sonos instead of your computer speakers.
Thanks BCM, I will email Roni Software and suggest it to them.

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