All tracks in music library now in alphabetical order

For some reason, all of my album tracks are now listed alphabetically instead of by track number. Any ideas as to why and how to fix?

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This is a mess. I have the same issue as the rest that have seen their tracks suddenly go alphabetical, regardless of the setting I choose in "sort folders by."


For everyone that is re-ripping their library (mine approaches 4000 CDs) or manipulating their filenames.... What happens on the next update, when there is some other seemingly minor oversight?

I doubt this was a deliberate decision. Please fix your error asap Sonos. You have given us an excellent, excellent product. Now let's see your support in action!
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Have you tried the fix in the post above?
Just posting a quick update that I think will solve this problem - it did for me.

In the Sonos app go to Manage > Settings > Music Library. Then click on the Advanced tab and select the 'Sort Folders By' (even though Song Number was already selected) choosing this option again sorted the problem for me.

I guess this was just a simple software bug.

Yes, thanks for the idea but it didn't work for me.