Albums and Artists not listed in Google Play Library

  • 13 October 2014
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I have been using Google Play for a couple of weeks - having switched from Spotify to get the benefit of the library function in Sonos.  Over the weekend I populated the library via Google Play website (on my mac).  I then accessed the library via Sonos and all seemed fine.  However this morning I find that using Sonos I can no longer see the google play artists or albums that I added in the artist or album lists.  All songs are appearing (and playing) via the songs list but the albums and artists are not listing,  This effectively makes the library unusable via sonos.  I should add that as far as the google play site is concerned my library is just fine.

Deauthorising and reauthorising google play via the Sonos controller did not help.

As an aside there are in fact three artists/albums showing in the artists and albums view, but these are three albums that appeared when I first opened the Library - they are albums I have never heard of, they don't play if I select them , and they don't appear in my library accessed via the google site.  I have tried and failed to get rid of these from Sonos (by permanently deleting google library) and decided just to live with them.

Can anyone help?  Is this "fixable"  or do I need to find an alternative solution for reliably managing and streaming an on-line music library around the house?

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2 replies

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Hello iMatt,

I see that you reached out to our Customer Care Team and they are currently assisting you with this issue and have now escalated you to our Tier 2 team. If you have any further questions or issues, please respond to the email thread you have with them and they'll be happy to assist you. 
I am having exactly the same same issue. Random albums from my Google Play online library do not appear in the Sonos app even though all all other views of my Google Play library includes these albums.