Airplay won't connect to Sonos One

  • 1 July 2019
  • 5 replies

I can't get any of my apple products to connect using Airplay to my brand new Sonos One gen 2 stereo paired speakers. I've tried all the basic instructions out there. Airplay will never connect to the speakers.

The reason I am attempting this is because I want to have the audio from apps like youtube and netflix play through the speakers. Apparently, the only way to do this is through Airplay. I'm up to date on the newest MacOS and the newest IOS. The speakers just won't connect to Airplay.

What's up? Thanks in advance for any help!

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5 replies

OK, may I ask you to provide some additional information?

Please list the following:
Device you're running AirPlay 2 on.
Version number of the OS on that device.
Version of the Sonos controller (in "About My Sonos System under the settings area)
Version of the software on the Sonos One gen 2 speaker(s) (in the same area, just further down)
Does a Sonos One gen 2 show up in the AirPlay 2 menu on your device?
Does a Sonos One gen 2 show up (as stereo?) in your controller?
What stream are you trying to send across AirPlay 2?

Some random things that may help.
1) Try a reboot of the device that you're trying to AirPlay 2 from. I've had a couple of cases where it wasn't working, and a simple reboot of my iPad took care of it.
2) Try a power cycle of your speakers. Certainly can't hurt.
3) Try a power cycle of your router. Not sure this will make any difference, either, but it can't hurt anything.
Hi Bruce,

I've tried this on four different devices now but here are two (the other two are my wife's iphone and macbook pro):

iPhone 8
IOs 12.3.1
Sonos controller version 10.2.3
Version 10.2 (build 50165071)
Hardware Version:
Not sure how to get to the Airplay 2 menu on the iPhone. I've tried swiping up on the iPhone and I get a window that house a music control function where there is a streaming icon in the top right corner. I click that and I do get an option to select my "porch" Sonos speakers (that's the name I gave this group of speakers since they are located on my front porch) but, when I select them, I get this message: "Could not connect to "porch.""
Yes, I assigned a left channel to one and right channel to the other.
I've tried Youtube but would want to stream the audio from any video app, e.g. Netflix, etc.

MacBook Air
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
Sonos controller version 10.2.3
Version 10.2 (build 50165071)
Hardware Version:
Again, not really sure how to get to the "Airplay menu" per se, but I have tried connecting to the speakers two ways: clicking on the speaker volume icon in my menu bar; when I do that, I do see the "porch" Sonos speakers but when I choose them I get this message: "Could not connect to "porch."" I've also tried clicking on the "choose which speakers to use" icon that appears in the top control bar of iTunes. When i try this, it shows me the "porch" speakers but when I click them I get this message: "An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device “Porch”. An unknown error occurred (-15007)."

I've tried rebooting everything, the devices, the speakers, and the wifi router. No luck there.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Hmmm. I don't have an iPhone 8, just an iPhone Xs. The way that I reach the AirPlay 2 menu is by pulling down from the right top area of the screen, starting basically where the icon for the battery is, and pulling towards the center of the screen. For me (and I'm not sure if it will work on your phone, I do know there are differences) it brings up an apple menu that allows me to do a bunch of things, such as turn on airplay mode, turn on wifi, bluetooth, screen lock, night mode, screen mirroring, screen brightness, etc...a whole bunch of things. The top right box is a small "player" box, with a triangle pointing into a small set of circles in the top right of that box. Clicking on that icon "opens" it up to show not only what I'm playing, but the sources that I can AirPlay 2 to. This process works the same on my iPads, both of them. But I think we're both talking about the same're just getting there in a different fashion, due to the hardware.

Is "porch" a room name in Sonos? What kind of Sonos speakers are these? And do you have another Sonos speaker that can accept an AirPlay 2 signal that's closer, in case we're dealing with a distance/signal strength issue? Can you play some music using the Apple Music app on your iPhone, and get that to stream via AirPlay 2 to the "porch"? Is it just Netflix, etc that you're having issues with?

OK, let me go over to my MacBook Air and see how to get to the Airplay 2 menu there 🙂 This is something I don't normally do.

Here we go. Pull down the Apple menu, and select System Preferences, then go to Sound. Once you've opened up Sound, you click on the tab for "Output", and it lists all of the available devices, starting with Internal Speakers (for me...yours may be different) followed by a separator line, and then listing all available AirPlay 2 devices (although oddly labeled as AirPlay, which they aren''s all AirPlay 2.).

Have you searched Apple's website for this error (-15007). Might be helpful to know what that represents.
Thanks Bruce I've tried all that.

Also just spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with Sonos support and they haven't solved it yet. I'm expecting a follow-up call soon.
I'd be interested in the final result. Still not solid on my knowledge of how AirPlay 2 works, it just does in my system.