AirPlay on my Sonos sound system. Not compatibler?

  • 21 July 2018
  • 4 replies

I get a message that none of my speakers are compatible. I have the 5:1 system with Playbar and Sonos Play:1 speakers with sub... What do I have to do to get AirPlay to work? Do I have to swap out ALL of my speakers with newer ones??..

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4 replies

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You need to buy a sonos airplay compatible device, namely a sonos one, playbase or beam.
Then you can group what you have with it and airplay to that group, maybe muting sound on the new device if you have put it in another room.
Maybe a new sonos one in the kitchen?
Interesting. Can you tell me a little more about the beam? Is it a small box? I'd rather not buy a whole new speaker, if that's possible.. A small box would be much better solution for me.
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We only had a single Play:1 but we have since bought 4 Sonos One speakers now that AirPlay 2 support was added.

For the Play:1, I have it grouped with one of my Sonos One speakers. If I want to hear AirPlay audio out of the Play:1 I choose the Sonos One that the Play:1 is grouped with. Then, within the Sonos app I can raise/lower the volume of the Sonos One to "turn it off" so the audio only comes out of the Play:1.
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The beam is a 1/2 price smaller version of your playbar designed for tv sound, with alexa voice control and airplay2 capable.
You could buy the beam and sell/relocate your playbar to another tv I suppose...
You cheapest new speaker would be a sonos one tho.