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I know at least 30 Sonos users (having previously been a Sonos reseller), none of whom has any deal breaker issues. They are all happy with their systems and none has ever mentioned Airplay to me. You are entitled to your own preferences but your extension to other users is unjustified.
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Sorry sonos - the reviews confirm that the homepod outperforms a play 3 and that is amazing.

I know that people are calling them "reviews" online, but if the product isn't going to be out for several months I feel like that's a "preview".

First, you're amazed that a speaker released 6 years later and sold for $50 more sounds better than the Play 3? You might want to boost your expectations :)

The reviews I've seen from (ex. What Hifi, Tech Radar) have mentioned a similar audio quality to the Play 3 with a heavy bass element. It also appears to all be from the same controlled environment, and I can't say I'm completely trusting of a competitor setting up the equipment.

Look, the HomePod is an interesting device. It offers an improved smart speaker listening experience, but it's occupying a questionable niche for me. The "reviews" talk about how easy it is to pair them. You're paying a lot of premium for the "smarts" this speaker offers, and every device that gets paired is essentially wasted for them.

If your desire is a single Apple smart speaker with good sound then your answer may be here later in 2017. If you have the desire for more speakers though, you're immediately treading on thin ice until I see something that suggests otherwise.
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Have never really figured out why Sonos simply wouldn't pay the royalties and get Airplay running on their systems. It's not going to add a huge percentage to what isn't exactly a super cheap system. I have Airport Express's running off a few of my Connect Amp's and it can be so convenient playing from any music app I have. I look at Sonos speakers as simply wireless speakers and feel we shouldn't be locked down with Sonos' app centric design. I appreciate not every app like Spotify will have native Sonos control but surely Airplay is the easiest & most user convenient solution to enable all apps to play music to Sonos.
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Couldn't agree more with how great Airplay support would be. I was at a friends on the weekend who has B & O speakers. I connected to her wifi network, POW. Done. The music app, podcast aps, it seemed anything could use her speakers. It was so simple, so easy. Come on Sonos, join the party please.
I will be selling my Sonos surround setup due to lack of airplay support.

I've enjoyed the Sonos experience until now, but other solutions that include airplay support offer a more compelling experience for me from my many apple devices.
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Volume issue here best bit is it likes to do it at silly o'clock and I have neighbours...:

And it took me seconds to design a screen that could be used in place of the group speaker screen spotify opens in the sonos app:-

add speakers and set volume in one step (it's kind of like they're not trying) 😕
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Oh, so it's a Spotify integration issue within the Sonos app.. I don't use Spotify. That's a bummer though.
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1. You do not need an AirPort Express in each room. You only need one AirPort Express, located near and plugged in to a CONNECT or a PLAY:5, per simultaneous AirPlay stream.

That's correct. Once again though, the kludginess comes into play with having to go into the Sonos app and group the speakers you want to play together in addition to pushing the stream to the AirPlay device connected to the Sonos Connect.

2. You only need an AirPort Express if you want to stream music from a service SONOS does not support.

I'm tracking... Proud owner of a multi-room Sonos setup to include a Connect which is setup to a pre-amp that has both my AirPort Express and turntable connected to the inputs.
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My OP for this thread did nothing of the such. And if you read the thread you're bashing, you'll see where myself and others post how it's not so flawless.

I just want to raise my voice to a need that myself and others desire and for what purpose.

Unless I quoted your OP, you can assume I wasn't addessing it directly. I was specifically speaking to the poster who predicted loss of sales and a sell off by current Sonos owners due to its "dying ecosystem", followed by "SONOS WAKE UP!"

It would be better to point out posts and not the entire thread. People will always make posts like that in others' threads just as there are those that dismiss valid points in order to point out nonsensical posts which don't align to the OP.
Apologies - as with @jgatie, my comment wasn't aimed at you, but threads take on a life of their own. It's the doom-mongers I take issue with. I respect their right to express their view but it's a public forum and I claim my right to challenge their views. I personally have also found Airplay to be unreliable. You have clearly not had any problems. I would rather Sonos had nothing to do with it because I think the "through the device" technology of the original Airplay is inconsistent with Sonos' technology and could be detrimental to the Sonos experience. Maybe Airplay 2 takes a different approach? Anyway, you are of course entitled to request any feature you wish.
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AirPlay has been extremely reliable on the hardware that has been released the last few years. What it hasn't done well in years past is streaming in sync as well as the fact that all AirPlay compatible hardware (that I'm aware of) reprocesses lossless audio files. I'm hopeful that AirPlay 2 addresses the syncing issue as they've figured it out with the AirPods quite well. Even if it isn't great for synced music, that's not what many people will use it for which is to push music from outside the Sonos environment to the Sonos speakers without needing extra gear. The speaker hardware is already sufficient.

Positives for including AirPlay 2:
-Added capability with no loss to existing capabilities.
-Works in more situations.. especially for all iDevice & Mac owners

Negatives for including AirPlay 2:
-Licensing cost
-Non technical people might not opt to use SonosNet or steer from using the embedded streaming services unless they want discover that it allows them to stream even without having their media devices on the network. (for these people, they aren't audiophiles anyway)
-Developer hours

Negatives to not including AirPlay 2:
-Potential loss of some customers who have been known to return or not purchase the equipment because it doesn't do what they thought it would do
-Loss of capability for a good amount of Mac/iOS customers
I agree. AirPlay 2 support really needs to happen. I love the speakers I have, but as someone who listens to a lot of podcasts using Overcast on the iPhone, it is extremely frustrating to have to setup the speakers within the app so I can then Airplay to a speaker. Apple's announcements yesterday show that they are going to be challenging Sonos.
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It would seem to me that the easiest integration may be one which hasn't been discussed in this thread yet. A new Bridge which is AirPlay2 compatible. With internal computing power becoming less expensive, Sonos could design an effective AirPlay server so as to pass music streaming to each speaker using it's current streaming protocol. This would allow for users to replace a single piece of their Sonos network and implement AirPlay at each speaker. (it at least seems possible in theory, considering AirPlay server hacks are already available).

This, although not as ideal for the consumer because it's something else I have to buy/power on/store/maintain, might work out better for Sonos because of possible lesser licensing fees if it's done per device and the people that want it can buy it.
Or just wait until Apple brings out a competitive product and watch customers like me replace Sonos with something that better integrates with my ecosystem.

Looks like that might happen with the announcement of the HomePod. I'm dubious it's as good as the advanced Sonos speaker setups, but it looks to be better than the Play 1 - Play 5 AND will support AirPlay 2.

The early reports are that it beats the Play 3 in sound quality. I own four Play 1's, and the minute the HomePod hits the market they're all going up for sale.
The early reports are that it beats the Play 3 in sound quality. I own four Play 1's, and the minute the HomePod hits the market they're all going up for sale. Well it sounded like it was an Apple staged demo, with Apple choosing the demo music and controlling volumes. And the Play:3 is Sonos' oldest and least impressive speaker. So having never done your own comparison you are ready to dump Sonos? How odd. Sonos don't have a monopoly on good sound so I'll be interested to hear which sounds better. By actually listening to it.
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That would be great! I own 2 play 1, one 5, sub and playbar and another 5 would take it even better. Couldn't care less about that apple wifi thing.

First world problems: 1) I need to use my hands to play music 2) have to click few times more 3) my virtual ecosystem isn't flawless.

Get real and talk to people from Aleppo, Donbas, Venezuela or North Korea.:@
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My point is that predicting sonos demise over AirPlay nonsense is way off. There are people in many countries who would like to get sonos regardless of AirPlay. Furthermore, I see that our respective community members are getting very emotional about "things". That's not healthy.

I would really love new features and sonos should take every opportunity to make their products better when enemy is at the gates (competition like homepod and any other speaker that will support airplay). But hey, sonos has limited resources. why AirPlay should be more important than Alexa integration when multiroom support is already there?

I am wondering why people bought sonos taken there was no direct airplay support from the begging? Is it hope or other features that make sonos speakers exceptional?
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See this

This might make it easier or possible to add HomeKit to existing Sonos products. No guarantee of course.
What about Bose (and their whole home audio that supports airplay 2)?

Bose dropped Airplay 1. Are they now supporting Airplay 2? Did they not learn from the first fiasco that caused them to relaunch their entire line?
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Correct me if I'm wrong: you are willing to sell sonos because your friends are not clever enough? That's ok.
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Hard life.
Yet another Sonos "owner" coming here touting Airplay on their very first post. Pardon me if I show a little skepticism. :8
Shall I take a picture of my remaining 3 play1 and 2 play5 and AMP 😉
FWIW sonos account says they are looking in to it

(not my screen grab)
And yet another first time poster fortelling "RIP Sonos" because they aren't currently supporting an Apple shiny object announcement. It's like 2010 all over again and the JRDF is in full effect. :D

2010 there was not a such good speaker in pipeline from apple.

Everything out of one hand will be the keyword.

Apple is doing great in their ecosystem and now its time for speakers.

Everybody who ignores that will be supprisef 2018 - others will plan their exit on sonos. We live in a modern world and innavation will succeef.

Sonos is no innovator for years.