Advice on NAS/Plex (or other alternatives to Google Play Music)

  • 19 June 2020
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Now Google Play Music is ending I'm looking for an alternative that gives me access to my music (about 20k tracks) over Sonos and over my phone when not at home. A 1TB NAS + Plex seems a good option, or maybe My Cloud Home (although it seems to get pretty mixed reviews). 

I'm ok at following instructions, but not a tekkie - so I'm after something that is fairly easy to set up and manage.

Any advice welcome.



(I know Google is trying to push people towards YouTube music, but that seems pretty awful.)

3 replies

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I was wary of Plex, but that was when I just tinkered with it.

When I bit the bullet and loaded my entire library  although it took a long time  I'm glad  I did.

I'm using a 3TB NAS, 90,000 tracks. I'm in control of what everything looks like, can change artwork easily.


In short, I like it a lot.



Thanks for the response. A couple of quick Qs...

  • With Plex can you access your music library outside your home network?
  • Do you need to subscribe to Plex or does the free version cover do what you need?


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Hi Michael,


Yes, you can access Plex outside your home. It's effectively like your own streaming service, as long as your NAS and wifi are on.

The free service is pretty good. I did buy a Plex Pass, but most of its advantages are for films and TV programmes.

I dont regret setting up Plex at all but there are a few things I think I should have planned better. And on there chat rooms, they can all be a bit "techy"