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I've been searching online for days about this and I have yet to find any instructions.  How do you add multiple Spotify accounts to your Sonos system? (Android)

Every time I go to add a new account it gives me an error message of “Spotify account is already set up on your Sonos. No need to install it again.” Im not trying to setup a new service, I want to add multiple accounts.  Sonos completely miss out this step on their online FAQ section which says:


Adding additional accounts
Adding another music service account follows the same process outlined in our Add a music service to Sonos article. (Not relevant as I dont want to add another service. There is a hyperlink in this sentence which takes you to another page with instructions to add another service.  When i try do this anyway,  it gives me the error message above I described)

If one or more accounts have already been added for a music service, you'll see each account name displayed below the service's description in the Add Music Services screen. (Where is the step before this where you add the accounts??)

Switching Accounts

iOS or Android:

Go to Browse > [Service Name].
Tap the account name at the top to reveal a list of added accounts.
Tap the account you wish to use.


Am I completely missing something?  Any help would be appreciated.  






Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 6 April 2020, 12:21

It’s usually easier to do this from each separate mobile device that has the native Spotify App installed on it and logged into the account that you’re trying to setup on Sonos… Anyhow see this link:

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It’s usually easier to do this from each separate mobile device that has the native Spotify App installed on it and logged into the account that you’re trying to setup on Sonos… Anyhow see this link:

Hi Ken!!


Thanks for the reply. 


Ive given that a go. (I signed in to my second Spotify account from a different device)  However I still cannot ‘Switch between Accounts’ (The image shown on the link you also sent me)

All its done is change the Spotify account for the Sonos system for ALL my devices now.  :thinking:




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Once you have added multiple spotify accounts in the Sonos app they will remember the last account used.

When you go under spotify under browse - the header at the top will show the account it is currently working with.   You can change it between accounts.   Once you do your controller will remember the last account it used.  

So example:   You go to the header in the browse….spotify and pick your account.   Your wife on her phone does the same on her phone for her account.   Now when you open Sonos app it will remember to use your account for your phone.

Oh my goodness ive just solved it, with your help Ken!!


As I said, i added the second Spotify account using another device (iPad).  When I went to my main device (mobile) the original Spotify account was gone and the new one i added using my iPad was on my Mobile.  I then went back into services on the mobile and tried to add another service.  It finally allowed me to do that and didn't come up with the original error message.


A bit convoluted, but in summary:


  1. Add spotify 1 account to device 1
  2. Add Spotify 2 account to device 2
  3. (this will automatically replace original Spotify account 1 with new Spotify account 2 on device 1)
  4. Re-add Spotify 1 account as a new service on device 1


Thank you Ken!!!!!!!!

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I just think your not switching them from the header under browse.  It was probably there before. 

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Am having a similar problem but just probably misunderstanding (Have tried sonos help resources)

I cant understand, from the articles, how to add multiple services of Spotify (Family).

Am I adding multiple spotify accounts to the main sonos account (mine) and switching between them    OR  Am I creating new sonos accounts (logins) to link to their respective spotify accounts?

Previously family all connected to sones though main login on their own devices (all me). 

Background similar to  CandiceG;

-I tried adding additional spotify service from my device in my sonos login but says already connected to service.

-Tried adding service from a family member device (signed out but connected to sonos) but asks to log in as me ‘to access more features’. 

Cant see how to disconnect family member device from sonos to be able to create a new sonos account for that devices (if is what is needed)


Thank You

The other person needs to log in on their device to the single Sonos account for the system (which you describe as your account) then add their Spotify account.

It may be worth trying this both when logged into the relevant Spotify account on their device, and when logged out of all Spotify accounts. 

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Ive added another service through another device but honestly I dont know How!



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Go to device that normally uses second sport account.   Go into Sonos app.sertings...add services and add Spotify again like it had never been before. 

now when go to browse in controller pick Spotify and the top header will have various apotify accounts added as choice to default to. Pick the default account for that device to use. 

Hi muggelbbub,


You definitely need one Sonos account and multiple Spotify accounts for what you describe.  Is yours working now?