Adding a turntable to a pair of Sonos One Speakers?

  • 12 August 2018
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I gave my daughter a pair of Sonos One speakers for Christmas. Now she wants to add a turntable. I have a good turntable I am not using. I assume I will need some kind of amp
or preamp. What is the best (and easiest) way to set this up for her? Thanks.

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9 replies

I read that article, but was hoping that there was a way to connect the turntable or the pre-amp to the Sonos One speakers without having to purchase a Sonos Connect device. If the Sonos One has a "line in" connection, can they be connected directly to the pre-amp? Thanks.
Yes, but they do not have line in jacks. As the article says.
Okay. I thought they did. Thanks.
If I purchase a pre-amp for the turntable and the Sonos Connect, will that enable me to play music from the turntable through the PLAY:1 speakers without any additional equipment? Thanks.
Yes. Note that some turntables have a pre-amp built in.
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Yes, a PHONO preamp, or a preamp with a PHONO input will work into a Connect, a non-phono preamp won't. The PHONO input has to level shift as well as doing frequency equalization.

Also get the right PHONO preamp, either moving-magnet or moving-coil or a switchable one.
Will the Pyle PP555 pre-amp on Amazon work okay for the Sonos setup?
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It will work with Sonos but you need to verify that it will work with the cartridge in your phonograph.

A turntable preamp that converts phono signals to Line Level Signals. This state-of-the-art circuitry phono preamp can accommodate magnetic pickups with an input sensitivity of 3mV at 50K Ohms.

While it says magnetic it doesn't say moving coil or moving magnet specifically so you need to check your cartridge spec.