Add 'Year' as a filter for the music library

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In response to @x94blair3 on Twitter: @Sonos or @SonosSupport it'd be great if you could add 'Year' as a filter for the music library in the iOS app. Time matters!

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I opened a feature request for Sonos Controllers to filter the music library by YEAR. Other Sonos users can vote on the feature request, and it will be submitted to the Sonos Product Development Team for review.
Yes please. I would like to list albums by year so that I can play an evening of music from a particular year. Additionally, once the "By Year" filter is in place, when browsing albums by artist, it would be fabulous if the albums were listed in chronological order not alphabetical
Yes - I'm with you all - and I like to add "Show YEAR also for all titles / albums being played". Not only to use the YEAR as a filter, but as important information about albums and/or titles. Thank you.
I enthusiastically second that motion for supporting "Year" tag in Sonos, which should be displayed in "Now Playing" and serve as a sort tag in the "Music Library". I also agree with Andy G for the option to sort multiple albums by a single artist in chronological order. Old people with a deep music catalogue need to refresh their memory every once in a while: "That came out when, and in what order ...?" 🙂 BTW, Sonos has changed how I interact with my music - a tremendous product.
Thanks Kevin ... hope it works 🙂 And here's just another thought - YES I know this is not basically a Sonos topic (more or less it's a topic for iTunes and its comrades): Just "one" year is not enough. We should have at least three ... First: composed. Second: recorded. Third: published. Mainly for classical music (but not only) this seems to be essential, and I am sure not only for me. I.e. Mozart [the years are just examples]: wrote a piece in 1779. This was recorded in 1984. And it was (re)published (digitally remastered or the like) in 2002. Now which year should I choose for my database? I choose "year of recording", as I have tons of blues, pop and rock music, and the difference of time between composing and recording is (mostly) close to none. Re-release dates i.e. are not too important for me - but of course we have remastered, or remixed new editions (see King Crimson's first class remixes done by Steven Wilson lately) ... well, I think, you got the message. And yes: I love Sonos as well !!
I am missing this Feature since the beginning of using Sonos! In Microsoft Media Center, in iTunes and elsewhere you have the Album year (Release date of Album). It's a lot of fun to choose a particular year and see what was released that year. Always great when I have friends over and we remember some old times 😉. I would be very happy if this could be implemented in Sonos as suggested by James M. All my mp3-tags include the year. On the other Hand I think Stephan's idea with having 3 different year tags goes to far. What Software would fill in this 3 different year -tags??? But having the "regular" mp3-tag "YEAR" being used also by Sonos would be really great. PLEASE implement it!!!
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Yes I agree being able to display year and even better filter/sort would be really useful
Somewhat surprised this wasn't already in the client and hasn't been added since.

To answer Paul's question about Stephan's 3-tags idea, you could probably do it through Musicbrainz. They have a three-level work/recording/release model, with dates.
Yes I agree with everyone else with something so simple I don't understand why you still can't filter by year.  Or even be able change another tag e.g. genre to year.
Yes please, this feature would be greatly approciated.
It will ease our transition from Windows Media Center to Sonos.
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Would like to pick music by year and or decade