Add On Demand to the Sirius app

  • 26 September 2012
  • 52 replies

Hi, the Sirius ios app now has on demand, please add for sonos.

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52 replies

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I own three Sonos speakers and I too am EXTREMELY disappointed that Sonos does not support MySXM... and SiriusXM has a customer base of 25MM!

Sonos has had 2 years to address this issue, yet we can't even get a response from them as to when this functionality will be added.

Good product Sonos, but shame on you for your handling of this issue.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Juliana. I have moved this from Questions to the Ideas section.
+1 from me. This is a significant addition to SiriusXM online and it would be great to see it on Sonos.
I love my sonos, amazing product. Are there any plans increase the functionality of the Sirius xm app? Specifically, adding the capability to access on demand programming like you can on the iPad Sirius xm app? This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Sirius xm on demand programming.
This would be great addition for Sonos.
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+1 I really miss not having on demand
Please add on demand soon!
Please add this. It would be great!
Please add.
Could you please add SiriusXm on demand? At least upgrade the SiriusXM options in your player. This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled SiriusXM on demand.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled On Demand shows from SiriusXM. When will Sonos add the ability to play On Demand shows from SiriusXM?
Please add this feature to the Sonos app!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Sirus XM on Demand. Are there any plans to support Sirus XM on Demand with the Sonos Controller, sure would be a nice added feature.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled .SiriusXM On Demand. It would be great if you support SiriusXM On Demand in your software. This would allow playing shows at one's convenience
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled XM On Demand and MySXM Features. Love my Sonos. I was wondering why the SiriusXM On Demand and MySXM features are not available. Can you please work with them or update to add these features? Thanks!
Yes, please add SiriusXM on Demand feature on Sonos. 
Please add Sirius On Demand. I use my Sonos primarily with Sirius, and I really miss the On Demand feature as well as the delay feature.
Would love to see on-demand feature as well.

Perhaps Sonos is running into technical or licensing issues with Sirius with the on-demand feature? 

Any reply from Sonos would be appreciated after 3 years; when customers don't receive information, they presume the worst (i.e. incompetence).
It's ridiculous that this functionality has been available for years now through their app yet you STILL don't have this available through Sonos.
Why haven't you folks at Sonos fixed this already?  The on-demand feature is the most important aspect of SiriusXM and Sonos is sitting on its hands.  Very disappointed.
This is how I listen to Sirius these days. This is a must for the Sonos app. Only thing missing to your beautifully designed app!
I would likethis feature as well.
I work nights and listen to the Howard Stern show using the sirius on demand feature. this would be an awesome addition to the sonos player...
Yes, please. Count me as another! I'd love for the OnDemand feature to work on Sonos. For now, the only solution I have is to stream from my phone to stereo via bluetooth dongle. 😞
Yes, please add it! I just got Sonos and I love it so far but I very disappointment that Sirius On Demand isn't an option. That's something I use every day.