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We've received a request to add Live Phish ( as a music service on Sonos.

From their website: " offers high quality soundboard recordings of all Phish shows since 2003 (MP3, Lossless, and 24 Bit HD downloads, and on CD) and webcasts of select shows."

If you'd like to see this added to Sonos as a music service, please add your support here.

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Yes please
Please add this service, very important to me as a Sonos user.
Hello Everyone!

As jgatie above mentions, the ball seems to be in LivePhish's court. Tela at live Phish told me via email back in June that they were looking into it. I suggest we try to flood Tela again with emails requesting they add LivePhish+ to SONOS' platform. Her email is:

It's worth a shot!
Still not added? Can we get an ETA from either party?
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Supposedly Sonos support will be added for the service (this one is the 12.99/mo which includes a lot of other bands like Umphrey's McGee, Widespread Panic, etc) in Q1 of 2016. So... I would assume if that gets added LivePhish will be added at the same time. Hopefully.

PLEASE add this service. It would be greatly appreciated by many. Thank you for the consideration.
Please add LivePhish
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You can get any browser based streaming service (like Mixlr and livephish) to play on your speakers but only with a Play:5 or Soundbar.

Get a Google Audio Chromecast ($35). It comes with a 3.5 mm jack that will plug directly into your speaker. Use the Chrome web browser with the Chromcast add-on. Set your SONOS to "Line-in". Now anything that plays on your browser will come through your speaker. The Audio Chromecast is meant to make a dumb speaker into a WiFi speaker but it will work here too.

BTW, it's on the LivePhish people, not SONOS, to make this happen natively. SONOS makes their API available to all.
Support for LivePhish+ would make my Sonos even cooler. I've also put in a support ticket at LivePhish asking for Sonos support. Hopefully soon 🙂
Please add live phish already
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Please add live phish already

Did you even bother to read the posts above yours. It would take so little effort to find out (1) that this is not up to SONOS and (2) there is a very easy solution to fix this if you have certain SONOS products. C'mon, Kid, I know you can do it.
Well aren't you a little smartiepants? FYI, I don't have a 5. Don't want chrome cast. I've written to live phish as well, and I can write anything I like in this forum.
You are no deadhead - you are not kind. Kid.
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Gypsy1291 - check out my post a few up. It seems like the app is preparing to add Sonos support Q1 of 2016, so I would imagine LivePhish will come right along with it, since if they took care of the one, it would be trivial to do the other.
Thanks for the info. Sounds like we are supposed to email the Live Phish peeps.

Please add this service! Phish fans (AKA Phans AKA Phish heads) are loyal, extremely knowledgable about music, very active on social media and are very likely to be purchasers of Sonos systems. Phish as a band is also on cutting edge of streaming live shows to fans, selling digital music directly from the artists and building an on line fan community (only matched by the dead). You definitely want Phans in your corner if you want to enhance the brand loyalty and associate yourselves with one of the pioneers in digital music sales.
I started using Sonos with Rhapsody in 2003 or 2004. This would be the most awesome thing since that.
Please please please add this!!! Would really round out my available music. Thanks!!
As has been stated many times, any service can add themselves to the Sonos system free of charge. They simply sign up for the Sonos Music Partners program and use the Sonos API. But they have to want to do this, and Sonos has no control over who signs up, so you are better off petitioning at the service themselves than here at Sonos.
Please add this it is greatly needed
I just bought a Play 5 and am now strongly considering taking it back because there is no way to play music from the Live Phish app. This is primarily what I listen to and I'm not interested in a speaker that requires me use line-in. Please add this.
Can we please get an update on this?
The update is that it is up to the music service to add themselves to Sonos. Sonos accepts all services and charges nothing to be added. The service only needs to join the Music Partners program and utilize the API.
Please add
Can you get it added by tomorrow?
I love Sonos and I love Phish. Please make this happen ASAP!