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We've received a request to add Live Phish ( as a music service on Sonos.

From their website: " offers high quality soundboard recordings of all Phish shows since 2003 (MP3, Lossless, and 24 Bit HD downloads, and on CD) and webcasts of select shows."

If you'd like to see this added to Sonos as a music service, please add your support here.

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Sonos, We need to get this Live Phish App installed on the Sonos systems to make it eaiser for us Phans to stream our Phish music. I was the one that contacted you to see about getting this set up. When are we going to have this done? I am sure you will sell more of the systems to Phish Phans after it is done. What will it take to have this established? Thanks
Please please add LivePhish+ to Sonos!
Yes, please add this.
Now there is a livephish app for desktop where you can play their entire catalog bus yearly subscription. Just like Spotifu or other music steaming services, only more excellent. Please add livephish!!!
Please add live phish so I can justify purchasing a full sonos integrated system!!
Yes, please add this.
This is a no brainer. Your average Phish fan is affluent and a bit older at this point. They are in their prime earning years, which would make them a target demo. I could see Phish throwing some marketing support to this effort as well. They tout a high quality audio service, but really do not provide any connections to any quality playback experiences .
Please Add!
+1, make it happen
If livephish works on Google play, and google play is an option on sonos, shouldn't this work? Has anyone tried this? Or do you need additional equipment(android device?) to run this way? Thank you
Sonos, what's it going to take to get this added? Us Phish fans have been known to motivate when needed. Give us a quantifiable goal and we'll hit it. Clearly, showing our support here isn't enough. We're supporting and nothing is happening. 
We need an update on this. I just spend thousands of dollars on sonos equipment and can't use because it does not support livephish as a service. Someone please from sonos gives us an update on where this stands in development? I can still return all my sonos equipment if livephish is not in development. We are at least owed this information. No need to keep us hanging on if it will never be accomplished. Thank you
If you have a Mac or iOS device with Airplay, you can stream to your Sonos speakers using AirSonos (  You don't need Airport Express or any other special hardware.  I use it to stream LivePhish directly to my Sonos speakers.

Still would like Sonos to add LivePhish to their software!

hi, can you explain exactly how this is done without airport express?  I have iphone, but dont have an Mac.  the link you provided is for Mac only?
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Thanks for the feedback and support everyone. We don't have any news currently on adding Live Phish as a service on Sonos but we'll let you know if there's any update in the future.

We're always looking for new music partners to add to Sonos and have some development tools available here so that anyone can start developing a service for Sonos.

Follow this idea to get updates when any become available, and let the community know if you have any good workarounds which work for you.
Thanks for responding Ryan.

This is a bit disheartening to be honest. This request has had quite a bit of traction for months but there seems to have been no movement on the development side. I've seen music service requests get posted on this board and get implemented after only a handful of votes for it, but the request for LivePhish seems to be left behind. 

What can we do to make sure this becomes a reality? I'd hate to have to purchase a bluetooth speaker to listen to LivePhish at home. 
There have been 183 posts regarding this and I imagine they are all in favor of adding it. Live Phish is a paid service for the folks who've signed up and adding Sonos would be the missing link to make it perfect. There are free services that you've added so why not appreciate that your customers are paying extra to have this. Please give us a reason why you have not added it yet. Is it a licensing issue? Is Phish not OK with it? I'm beyond dissappointed that it now seems like a lost cause.
I have to admit I'm also disapointed in the response from Sonos, both the overall response to the request to add the service and the response from Ryan S.
That was smoke for sure.
Are Phish fans not following the correct protocol? Just what does it take?
does responding to a post with "good idea, I support it...go Phish" get counted?
or does it take a tweet or like or what gets counted? 
Sonos....please reply with the rules and protocol for getting a service added.

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They seem to just want to force us to buy play 5's It's what we had to do, I'm not happy about it and I don't know if I'll expand on the Sonia system any further but we had felt we didn't really have a choice. But telling us to go develop our own music service? C'mon Sonos, do better than that! Sorry for the typos, phone is on line in and I'm rocking some Phish right now, broke but happy!!
I'm not sure about the play 5 relationship. My system has multiple zones with Connects and Play 5's, a sub and play 1's. I don't have an option to add Phish Live.
You must be making reference to them being in it for the profit only. I don't begrudge them having a profitable going business, it's the best kind!
Don't get me wrong, I love having Sonos.....I just want them to be upfront about the status  the request has and give us some feedback as to how it stacks up with other streaming services in consideration. I also want to know if they have considered all of the requests or are the responses not counting because they are not filed correctly.
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We're constantly looking to add new services which is why we have those development tools available. There can be all sorts of reasons why a service hasn't been added yet, or why a new one might be added when another hasn't. Currently we have 60 music service partners but we're not going to stop there. 

Unfortunately, there aren't guidelines for what you can do to get a service added, but we make sure that our development team is aware of the ones you're interested in. There are a lot of services out there and one day we'd love to have them all available for you.

When we have any news to share regarding adding Live Phish we'll be sure to update you.
I have a play 5 and I can only get live phish on my Sonos by using my AppleTV and AirPlay. It's very cumbersome and not the best option at all.

Maybe if we tweet the link to this thread at sonos it might get some more movement. They added Tidal immediately. How hard could to be to implement LivePhish?
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Sonos has released integration tools that allow LivePhish to add Sonos support to their service without any help/approval from Sonos.

You guys are wasting your time hating on Sonos in this thread. You should instead use that energy to email the LivePhish folks and request that add support Sonos. All the tools are there to do this. Phish just has to put in the work to build the integration.

Also, check out my post earlier in this thread which explains how to stream LivePhish from your phone without any special hardware using a free script call airsonos. It essentially allows you to stream any audio from your phone or computer to any Sonos device. You don't need any special hardware.
I can only comment on this from a Mac standpoint but I was able to get the AirSonos setup today and working in my house.  Allows me to stream anything really, not just LivePhish, from my iOS and Macbook to my Sonos.  That means I can stream YouTube too.  Essentially, the tool adds your Sonos devices into your Airplay menu.

To setup on a Mac, here are the steps I had to do (This is on a Mac...haven't done it on anything else).

1.  Download and Install node.js from
2.  Launch Terminal on your Mac and run "sudo npm install -g n" and then login with root and install the n command.
3.  After "n" is installed, type "sudo n 0.10.28"
4.  Then, install airsonos using terminal command "sudo npm install airsonos -g"
5.  Once airsonos install is complete, you just need to type "airsonos" and press enter and it should say "Searching for Sonos devices on network..."  Once it says that, it will find any Sonos machine on your wifi.

Downside is you have to keep Terminal open while you are using this and your Mac needs to be on, obviously.  Howerver, when Terminal is open, my Sonos machines show up on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac in the AirPlay devices so I can stream any sound to any of the machines.

Airsonos on other devices is explained here:
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not hating on Sonos at all. I love my Sonos system, I just would have to think long and hard about expanding it at this point. The play 5's have line in and you plug your phone in and turn on Live Phish and your rocking, not cumbersome at all. My point about forcing us into play 5's is that this is the quickest easiest way to do this  - if LP and Sonos can't come up with a way to get this done without having to shell out another $400  its frustrating,I did it, but it's frustrating.  I'd just like the functionality going forward of being able to use all components the way they were intended, wireless - still being able to use my phone for a other purposes instead of being tethered to a speaker. 
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Love my Sonos but the fact that I can't simply connect a device via AirPlay or Bluetooth is the worst. Why should I have to install airsonos and go thru that hassle to do something Sonos could easily allow from the get go? Based on simple limitations such as this I will never expand my Sonos beyond the playbar and sub.