Add Live Phish as a Music Service on Sonos -

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Anyone receiving any feedback? Any updates from anyone?
I got an email from Tela yesterday (6/9/15), saying:

"Thanks for the feedback. We are already looking into this."

While looking into this doesn't necessarily mean they're working on it, it's progress. 
please add this
I too would very much like to see Livephish added. Thanks
Please add live phish so I can justify purchasing a full sonos integrated system!!
Please. Seriously. We are all sonos users and phish@sonos would up your stock dramatically! We lay for the live phish service and want it through our entire home! Has anyone asked phish?
I strongly support this idea. I currently have to connect the phone to WiFi and run a cable from the phone to the back of an S5, which is not very attractive or efficient.

Please add LivePhish (free version) and LivePhish+ (paid version) to Sonos!
Yes Please!!!!!
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Yes, please!!!
This would be an AMAZING addition..please add it!
Yes yes yes!! Please add!!
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I'm returning Sonos if I can't get it.
Please, please, PLEASE! It would make my $99/year for LivePhish+ such a great deal!
This would be fantastic! I fully support this idea.
Absolutely!! LivePhish would be a great addition to the Sonos portfolio!
Please add this as soon as possible!!!!
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Add this immediately. Thank you.
Yes PLEASE ADD LIVE PHISH. I truly love my SONOS and this is the only that will make me love it more!!!!!!!!
whats the holdup? please make this happen
whats the holdup? please make this happen

As has been stated in the other Phish thread, Sonos cannot "make this happen". A service has to sign up for the Sonos Music Partners program and use the API to add their service to Sonos. It costs nothing and is available to any service that wishes to take part. But they have to want to take part, and so far Phish seems unwilling. Your best bet is to petition at the Phish site, not here.
Pretty please! This is a huge gap in my music. I listen to that app more than any other and it doesn't work with Sonos
Pretty please! This is a huge gap in my music. I listen to that app more than any other and it doesn't work with Sonos

See above^^. You should be campaigning Phish to join Sonos, not the other way around.
Yes please
Please add this service, very important to me as a Sonos user.
Hello Everyone!

As jgatie above mentions, the ball seems to be in LivePhish's court. Tela at live Phish told me via email back in June that they were looking into it. I suggest we try to flood Tela again with emails requesting they add LivePhish+ to SONOS' platform. Her email is:

It's worth a shot!
Still not added? Can we get an ETA from either party?
Support for LivePhish+ would make my Sonos even cooler. I've also put in a support ticket at LivePhish asking for Sonos support. Hopefully soon 🙂