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Agreed. I support this idea.
If you're paying for LivePhish +, then you should be able to add it to your Sonos. It's listed as a beta currently. It's the non+ that isn't available.
Yes, Please & Thank you
me too
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lets keep this going
Please Sonos.  Please...please..please
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this!!! This would be a huge selling point for Sonos within the Phish community - a community that has money and cares about music. I personally would really appreciate this addition to my Sonos.
Guys, I have forwarded all ur comments and posts to Continue to do the same until we get this done. Livephish currently has no response on this. It appears they are responsible for this not happening. I'm not sure sonos will push them. I call them everyday, and will continue to until this is done.
Here's my email to I felt a bit insulted that the LivePhish App was made for listening to Phish while using a "device", implying the customer is doing other things. I would like to subscribe to livephish plus and have wanted to ever since it came out, but I need to be able to play it loud and have it sound good. Preferably I would like it to fill my house. Please make this possible by hooking up with Sonos, and allowing the wonderful sound experiences of both Phish and Sonos to complement each other. I don't want to listen to entire shows on my phone. Phish of all entities knows what being in the moment is like, and listening to music on my computer or phone is not a primary or even secondary level of listening that I enjoy for their music. It is chirpy and chopped of range and merely for convenience, not enthrallment. Please make the Phish catalogue (livephish+) a subscription option for Sonos and give us good listeners something to rave about. Music is the best.
YES PLEASE!! I listen to Phish all the time and have to settle for my library or the limited selection on Spotify. Live Phish has every show, sound board quality, and clearly a lot of support from the community. I pay about $10 a month, so linking subscriptions should be easy because legitimate profiles exist. Please add this as a service. I have been a Sonos owner since 2009 and your company has continued to exceed my expectations. Keep that trend going!!
Many thanks
PLEASE add this service. It would be greatly appreciated by many. Thank you for the consideration.
Please add LivePhish
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You can get any browser based streaming service (like Mixlr and livephish) to play on your speakers but only with a Play:5 or Soundbar.

Get a Google Audio Chromecast ($35). It comes with a 3.5 mm jack that will plug directly into your speaker. Use the Chrome web browser with the Chromcast add-on. Set your SONOS to "Line-in". Now anything that plays on your browser will come through your speaker. The Audio Chromecast is meant to make a dumb speaker into a WiFi speaker but it will work here too.

BTW, it's on the LivePhish people, not SONOS, to make this happen natively. SONOS makes their API available to all.
FFS, why do people keep asking SONOS to add LivePhish?

SONOS cannot do this. It is up to the people at LivePhish to make this happen.

Simple. Because someone out on the myriad of Phish fan sites published a call to arms, so every Phish fan who sees it, whether they own or even know what Sonos is, comes here for a one and done post. They don't bother reading the thread, they are just casting a vote.
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Clearly you didn't bother to read the thread. SONOS can't "add this service." As a homework assignment, read back a few posts to find out why. Since you supposedly own a Play:5, there is a very easy solution for you.
Axelband, you're correct, I didn't read the whole thread but did just take a look at your past post and appreciate the heads up. Looks like my next homework assignment will be to buy a Chromecast, thanks!
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Indeed. 🙂 I love my Play:5 with an Audio Chromecast. It's great for all live streaming services and very easy to set up. You have to use the Chrome browser or the smart phone Chromecast ap.
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If you want livephish on SONOS, then you have to convince the people at livephish to do a little work which they don't seem to have any interest in doing. This is not up to SONOS. Read up a few responses to see why and to get a solution.
YES PLEASE - Does this work yet?

Can you guys also work on a plug-in for Overcast?

I understand the eagerness to come here and post for this feature. I also understand there are many posts out there on Phish sites requesting folks bombard Sonos for this feature. But seriously, what does it take to read the thread (or even the last post above)? In short, Sonos can do nothing to add LivePhish. LivePhish must add themselves to the Sonos Music Partners program, which so far, they have not been wont to do. Your pleas should be directed at them.
Please, looks like enough responses. Thank you
YES. New App, time to add to Sonos. Please!
Do it!
YES!! Please add Livephish to Sonos!!