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  • 19 June 2020
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I'm not tech savy at all and I need help setting up my system, the speakers all have green lights so they all seem to be working but i cant play my music through them mainly youtube 

1 reply

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Hi @Brenda041182, sorry for the late response, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

I would like to check what kind of green light you’re seeing on your players.

Is it blinking or solid? Because a solid green light means the player is on mute, blinking green the player wasn’t set up yet, or in other words, the player is on its factory settings.

If it’s blinking green just follow these steps to set them up.

If it’s solid green, you can either raise the volume or unmute them. It will show solid white or no light (when the led light was turned off manually).

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.