Absolute Radio Music Service (Add Free)

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I can find absolute radio via the sonos controller but can't sign in to my account - and therefore reduce the numbers of adverts.

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Hello Niall, 

Absolute Radio is not a Music Service provided by Sonos, therefore if you tried to add the direct stream as a Radio Station it is normal that you have advertisement. 

I will make this thread an Idea as a feature request to implement the service and hope more people will add their +1.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Yes please. I'd love the ability to sign in to Absolute Radio on Sonos as well.
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Then hopefully you clicked "Like" below Pierre's post like I have.
Agreed! No 'Like' button to hit but I'd like this feature too - although I'm guessing with this little response, it'll never happen
Yeah I would like this - why is Absolute not included via the TuneIn settings but there are loads of tiny stations on there?
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Yeah I would like this - why is Absolute not included via the TuneIn settings but there are loads of tiny stations on there?

I listen to Absolute 80s through TuneIn on Sonos - Multo fabulo!

This thread was about the lack of Absolute Premium Radio (ie Ad free) - That actually isn't a Sonos issue - Absolute would need to add it via the Music Partners program
well Absolute Radio is set up on Tune In.

The Radio service on Sonos is provided by Tune In.

So for me this is a Sonos issue?

Please Sonos - it was Station of the blimmin year 2016 so it's hardly a nothing station, like it or not! Can we PUL-LEEZE have it or a proper process to apply for it to be added?
As Stewart said, it's up to Absolute to add their service via Sonos Partners API. Tell them to go here :

Ok thanks for the heads up.
Mega win. It's now on there and working
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It's not hard to sniff out the URL that the personalised service is using, and change the file format requested in the query string to aac or mp3 and add it as a manual station in Sonos... just saying...
Has this been resolved I am new to sonos (love the sound) but I too have a Absolute account but cannot see a way to log in using the radio station search?
Great full in advance for some guidance..
you can't put your ad free absolute account on sonos easily that i am aware. url sniffing which is annoying
It's actually quite easy to get the ad free streams for the absolute streams, just add ?awparams=loggedin:true to the end of the URL.

The one I use for Absolute 90's is aac://icy-e-bab-08-boh.sharp-stream.com/absolute90s.aac?awparams=loggedin:true
interesting! thanks for the heads up!
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I just spent a while trying to figure this out, so I thought I would share for the benefit of anyone else:

Get the stream from the web, for Absolute Radio it is: http://icy-e-bab-08-boh.sharp-stream.com/absoluteradio.aac?awparams=loggedin:true

Note, with the loggedin:true parameter you should get the reduced advert stream.

Then in the Sonos App on PC or Mac (only- not on your phone/ipad), go to 'Manage' then 'Add Radio Station'. Paste it in.

Now you will find the feed under 'Radio by TuneIn' 'My Radio Stations', works a charm 😃
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Thanks so much - that link works!!! How can we get access to the other stations?