aaaaaarg Windows Media Player

  • 11 September 2005
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I give up!!!!

Having real problems with Media Player, have just got a sonos and noticed that some of the songs have the wrong names on the controller, so i renamed the files and then rename them in media player using the the tag editor. But then the problems start some songs disappear, media player renames others, then eventually they all come back sometimes with the wrong name again.

I give up with media player, there must be something easier to use has any one got any suggestions.

p.s. all my files are ripped to wma

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5 replies

What are you using Media Player for? Ripping? If so try something like Easy CD-DA Extractor.

As to track names. If you are referring to the automatic naming of tracks from the CDDB database then the names are only as good as the contents of the database. Just make sure you check the track names, and edit as necessary, prior to ripping.

If this does not fix things then I suggest you give up, as based on your number of posts here it looks like this whole Sonos thing is proving too technically challenging for you 😉
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i would like to inform you that the sonos player is wonderfull, its very easy to use, so i can`t be too much of an idiot !!

its the windows media player that is not working very well.

the sonos player always finds the songs on the buffalo drive but sometimes when you go into media player the songs have vanished and they may appear 20 mins later.

it just seems to me that the media player is flakey
Bit touchy aren't we. Did you not notice the smiley 😉

Guess what I cannot understand then is why you are asking questions about Media Player problems on the Sonos forum. But seeing as you saw my reply to help as an insult I won't try anymore.
I would appreciate the help though?! And I am pretty stupid about these things so I will be glad to take any advice you can give! I saved a Video I made in Microsoft Movie Maker to a Windows Media Player, MP4 file, and I cannot get it to play through my Play 1s. First I tried to do it through our home network but then I realized that I will not be at my home network during playback so that is silly.

So I got out the cord and plugged the PLAY 1 into my computer. Still nothing. Even though I used the SONOS PC Controller to set up

I would like to take to an event to play our video. Can't even get it to work wired...Event tonight and I AM NOT TECHIE AT ALL. Please, please really simple English, please! I have been working on this for four hours and I cannot play the music. I am in panic mode AND REALLY FRUSTRATED. I just need amplification over my computer speakers which did not cut it in our test run earlier this week in a conference room.

I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, the Sonos system isn't set up to be a computer speaker, so connecting the Play:1 directly to your computer won't help. It requires the signal to be sent via the internet, not a direct connection.

There are ways around it, of course, but not terribly easy with a Play:1. Most people who do this kind of thing use a Play:5, which has a line in port, and connect the output of their computer to the Play:5 using a headphone cable. Also, the Sonos Connect has a line input, but unfortunately, not your Play:1.

I wish I had more information to help you, but I've given up on Windows Media Player myself, and am pretty much an all Apple person for that kind of stuff. My PC is only for playing games these days.

You might potentially save the audio from your movie as a .wav file, and then import it to your music file system so that Sonos could play it at the same time as you play the movie on the screen, but that's a lot of work, and synchronization would be a potential issue.

Basically, what you want to do requires speakers other than Sonos. I'm sorry I don't have better news.