65k track limit work around

Mysonos.com sonos streaming service would be a real solution. I would be happy to pay $5 dollars a month.

I think all of us that hit that stupid limit would like a real solution.

A server that handles streaming from all different sources that sonos accepts. 100k tracks on google music, 200k locally stored, 50k on deezer, 40k on soundcloud.

You want a million songs on random, no problem play random all. Your playlists change on those services, it updates your play lists. You want no repeats, then it won't repeat a single song until everything has been played. Next time you are playing playlist that playlist it still remembers what has been played.

You want multiple large (over the 10k saved in sonos) playlists, you can save them there.

I hit that 65k limit at 32k tracks on google music.

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Are you saying that you've hit the Sonos track limit while using Google Music? I'm not sure that's possible, as Google is going the indexing and all that.

Your idea for a mega combined service is interesting if not feasible.
You can't load more than about 32,000 tracks in playlists for google music at any time, the speakers won't hold more than that. Tracks that are all stored on google music, not locally.

Mysonos would allow for unlimited tracks in multiple named playlists with tracks on multiple services and a jukebox play everything mode.

A simple no repeat check box would keep any track from being repeated while there are others that have not been played once. Random currently doesn't do that at all, there are tracks that have been played 6+ times, while other tracks by the same artist have never been played. I generally do 1 playlist per band and currently listen to 769 bands+ and artists. Random isn't random unfortunately.