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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've got you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, che...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Google Play Audiobooks support

I would like to see support for Google Play Audiobooks in the Sonos App services (Android). Any plans?

Plex library no longer available

Plex has worked fine for days until I explored podcasts. Since then the music library on Plex is no longer there, altho the Plex queue remained and played several tunes for the single SONOS unit that...

Support for Monkey's Audio (.APE) Files

We recently received a request for support for playback of Monkey's Audio (.APE) files in the music library. If you'd like to see support for .APE files as well, let us know by leaving a +1 and provid...

RadioPlayer and TuneIn - Podcast and "Listen Again" search issues

Being continually dissatisfied with the appalling TuneIn's ability to find podcasts or "Listen Again" programmes, I thought I would try Radioplayer. Sadly, what works fine on the desktop or standalon...

Amazon Prime Music won't play on my Sonos

I have an Amazon Prime account and want play the Prime Music feature through Sonos (which works fine on my computer). I added the account, no problem. But when I go to play something, it looks like it...

Setup issues

I'm new to the sonos world trying to decide on sonos or the denon heos system for my whole home audio setup. I'm going through the setup with my 1st Play 1 and the only service I can sync is spotify....

Stream from PC to Sonos on a different WIFI network

Hi All! First time caller, new user. I installed a Sonos One speaker at my family's beach house and I would like to stream music from my PC back home. Is that possible? I currently use a system...

Airplay 2, phone call drops

When I listen to music using Apple Music on my iPhone and Sonos Play:One with Airplay 2, the phone call "drops" after some time. The call is still active, but the sound dissapear for me and the person...

Apple Music won't play on Sonos via computer. Asks repeatedly for reauthorization.

The past few days my Sonos system asks to reauthorize Apple Music. It seems to work fine on my iPhone, bur not on my PowerBook. Reauthorizing itt does not solve the problem. TIA

Tracks listed in alphabetical order on Cds

Within the last month the tracks on both the Android and PC apps started being listed and playing in alphabetical order, not the order on the CD. It seems to be only CDs recorded with the WMA codec....

CBC radio 3

How can I stream CBC Radio 3 and the other music streams from the CBC music app? I live in Canada.

Sonos v9.0 not working with Pandora

I recently upgraded to Sonos v 9.0 and my Pandora account stopped playing. I can search music, find songs/stations/etc., but when I choose to play them, the play button quickly rests. I've restarted...

Spotify Crossfade must be enabled each time I use my Sonos:3 and Sonos:1 systems. Why?

Spotify Crossfade must be enabled each time I use my Sonos:3 and Sonos:1 systems. I see this question has been asked for almost 4 years now.. probably since Spotify launched. Each time I start us...

Play:5's cuts out immediately every time a song is added to the Apple Music queue

Using the Apple Music app... When attempting to Airplay to 2 Play:5's (Gen 2 - Setup in wireless mode) in separate rooms and an Apple TV at the same time, playback starts fine and works as expected u...

Adding NAS drive to Sonos

I have an Apple Airport Time Capsule but having difficulty finding the right shared file to add to Sonos app so I can pully music.

Adding a radio station

Trying to add a radio station, but keep getting error "unable to play (station name) the song is encoded incorrectly". What does this mean and how do I correct it? The streaming URL is http://online...

Music from my phone cuts out

Music from my phone cuts out/in randomly on different speakers. Never had a single problem playing from any music service. This occurs on other family phones too...

Audio dropping on every song when listening to music library: "Song is not encoded correctly"

What happens is this: - Every song played from my iTunes library cuts out about 30 seconds before the end and then picks up after about ten seconds of silence. On both the desktop app and the iPhon...

Add (Premium) Podcast by URL to TuneIn (or anything else!)

Have recently started listening to a few podcasts that are only available via a feed URL… Is there any straightforward way to add these to Sonos? I currently use TuneIn for podcasts, and would love t...

Amazon Prime Music not appearing on Add Music Services list

I just joined Amazon Prime Music, under the same ID as my Sonos. Of course I would like to play it on my Sonos. But it doesn't appear on the Add Music Services list. I have looked at the FAQ, and can...

Playing m4a files

I note that m4a files are not supported except when streamed from an Android device. Would it be possible to run one of the Android emulators on a Win10 PC and copy my m4a library to the emulator and...

Can’t add new pandora stations

I can play my existing pandora stations by using the browse feature but I when I try to play a new pandora station with the search function it just says “no music selected.” Also Spotify cuts out e...

Local radio station unavailable

Local radio station which I'd been playing for months no longer works ??


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