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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, check o...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Cannot get my favourite radio station back

A couple of days ago I decided to listen to some recent radio shows of my favourite radio station ( Solar Radio ) through Mix cloud. After listening I wanted to go back to Solar Radio live show but c...

My Music Keeps Skipping to The Next Song

While I’m streaming music from my Sonos app a song will sometimes play half way through and then skip to the next song! There’s no consistency, sometimes it’s 10 seconds in, sometimes close to the en...

Why does Apple Music refuse to play on my SONOS System....sometimes, and not others???

Hello. Below is a quirky and UNSOLVABLE problem. I have a Playbar and 2 Play 3s set up in a room. I use my controller to to go to my playlist which was formed with selections from Apple Music. I am t...

ReListen was added as a SONOS music service

Thousands of live shows from your favorite jam bands. I’m so happy.

can't find Apple music playlist on Sonos app

Hello, I have found some playlists on Apple music app via iphone, and I'd like to listen them to my Sonos home theatre. When I search for them, inside the Apple music streaming service inside the Sono...

Unable to play XXXX - the connection to Pocket Casts was lost.

I listen to podcasts via Pocket Cast thru the Sonos app on my MacBook Pro. Certain podcasts will not play - I get the following pop-up alert... "Unable to play XXXX - the connection to Pocket Casts wa...

Importied playlist from iTunes is missing songs

I have a playlist in iTunes with 2464 songs on it. When I play the playlist in the Sonos app it only shows 1986 songs. This happens on both my iPhone6 and my Windows10 desktop computer. It appears...

Streaming from archive.org

Is there a way to stream from archive.org?

Deezer keeps disappearing from PC controller search

I have been using Deezer on Sonos for many years. Recently the Deezer service disappears from the Sonos controller app (Windows 10), not from iphone or android app. Music can still be played, but I ca...

RadioPlay in Finland

I cannot find the RadioPlay music service from the music services in Sonos even though there should be one. I quess the problem is that it is only available in some other countries but not in Finland....

Problems with Spotify playlists

Starting a few days ago I can no longer view my spotify playlists through the sonos app. Mobile & desktop. I've tried resetting the app. I tried un-linking the spotify app none of these worked. Any he...

Cannot add Spotify Playlist to "my sonos" / favorites tab

Hi, This worked fine a couple of releases ago, but some release seems to have messed up the favorites / "my sonos" tab, and I suspect that this was when this stopped working. But it could also be that...

Sonos cannot find devices on Windows 10 PC but can on Wifi

I recently replaced my router on my broadband connection. I connected Sonos controller to the router via cable and rebooted my Sonos devices. All worked fine and I can connect from mobile or tablet n...

Tunein Premium

Hi Guys, Has Tunein Premium been set up to work on Sonos yet please??

Record deck connection

Can I connect my Project turntable to my Sonos Connect and get sound through my Playbar?

Pandora vanished

Unfortunately I deleted my well running Pandora service within the Sonos controller under VPN conditions. And now it is impossible to reinstall it because Pandora is not anymore shown in the list of a...

Please Support Amazon Prime in Canada without Alexa

I understand the only way to use Amazon Prime in Canada with Sonos is with Alexa. It is not feasible to have to lower the volume each time you want to search and play a song when you could more easil...

BBC iPlayer Radio integration: who and when?

I am new to Sonos and I love my SonosOne. However, there is a major feature missing: BBC iPlayer radio integration. TuneIn is fine for live streaming, but not nearly as good as the iPlayer radio app...

BBC radio iPlayer and Sonos

Hi, I have been trying to access my downloaded radio shows on Sonos but can't. After reading some of the discussions on here I decided to send BBC an email and thought I would share on here their resp...

Amazon Musik Radiosender

Amozon Musik Radiosender können nicht mehr abgespielt werden


I understand there are so many apps for delivering music content, it can be a challenge to keep up.  One service that would be nice to integrate with my Sonos products is Hoopla.  It is a se...

Update NAS password to access music library

Due to a new setup I had to change the password to access my NAS. Now the music library is not accessible anymore from SONOS. Is there an easy way without deleteing the entry of the library in setting...

Annoying ads on TuneIn

Anyone else noticed an increase in 'adverts' when listening to live radio stations via TuneIn? The additional ads cut in half way through the presenter talking and traffic and weather reports. Only no...


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