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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Trying to get a turntable setup with your Sonos system, but running into a little trouble? This thread has you covered. Before getting started, we need to ask a simple question— Does my turntable nee...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Sonos was unable to add the music folder. DESKTOP - xxxxxxx is not responding.

After having to reinstall Windows 10 and all my applications on my desktop PC, I am not able to add my music files to Sonos which I store on an external hard drive. I am using Kapsersky Internet Secu...

Rock my run app

Can you sync the rockmyrun app to Sonos speakers?

Pioneer VSX-1131 talking to Sonos

Am I crazy or shouldn't this receiver that supports wifi and bluetooth be able to talk to the sonos speakers over wifi and bluetooth? I find it hard to believe that I'd actually have to plug wires in...

Sonos playlist in two locations

I have two separate systems, one at home and one at my office. I have a Sonos playlist in My Sonos on my home network, but it doesn’t show up at the office. How do I get the playlist to show up at the...

Line in input (and therefore output) too low

Hi - first post so apologies if this is a duplicate. Rega Planar 3 deck with Linn K9 connected into Sonos 5 via Cambridge Audio CP2 pre-amp - even with the gain settings fully up output volume is less...

Surround sound not working with tv but with music

I have read the forums and there is a patch for my problem. I have a playbar, sub, and 2 surround play 1s. I dont have surround audio with tv but I do have normal audio surround with music. I have rea...

Spotify skips songs

Hi, all other music services play fine, however, Spotify plays about 20 seconds of a song and then jumps to the next song in the queue and does the same thing. I get one of 2 error messages as it ski...

duplicate podcasts

I play a lot of podcasts through my Sonos system. My preferred method is to play them from my phone. The problem I have is that Podcasts get duplicated (or triplicated). Not the individual episodes bu...

Pandora with Sonos 8.2

I have upgraded to Sonos 8.2 controller. Sonos is asking me to reauthenticate with Pendora. It always get a network error. tried to remove pendora service, unplug/plug the my sonos systems... then tri...

cannot Group rooms after adding 2 new Play 1's

I added 2 new Play 1's yesterday and since then I haven't been able to connect to my speakers from Spotify until I unplugged every speaker and my network router and rebooted everything. This was after...

Apple Music search results don't all show up in Sonos app

If I go into Apple Music and search for "Christmas" in PLAYLISTS, I get so many results to choose from. If I do the same thing within the Sonos app, I only get a smaller subset... and cant locate the...

Audio with Apple TV 4K

When watching movies via Apple TV 4K, be it Netflix or iTunes movies, I get no audio through my 5.1 setup unless I have 'stereo' selected in the Apple TV's audio menu. DTS and "best available" either...

Sonos can no longer find my music on icloud

I've had Sonos for YEARS. For much of that time I played my music library (which was in itunes library) off my mac. Worked great. Some time ago I opted to "Store all your itunes match songs and pla...

Is SiriusXM available with Amazon Alexa?

Can i use SiriusXM using Alexa/Sonos?

Google Home

When will I be able to run SONO's (player:1) from my google home device?

Unable to add Spotify account

Simple as title.. It doesn't even ask for account credential, when i try to add my Spotify Premium service to Sonos it shows this message.. i tried everything (updating, rebooting ecc..) It works per...

Simplest way to setup in hotel room streaming from saved audio files and not online streaming?

When I travel overseas, I do not always get streaming services such as Spotify or Tidal so I need to bring audio files on my own laptop. What is the easiest way to set up my Sonos 1 in the hotel roo...

Playlist Transfers But Not The Albums Within Playlists, Why?

I'm new to Sonos. I have several dozen albums in iTunes. Many of these are in different playlists. When I pointed Sonos to My Music subfolder in my Windows 10 main file folder it found the itunes pla...

No surround sound

I have a playbar and two play 3s. When watching TV I only get sound from the playbar, nothing from the rear speakers. I have tried an audio extractor with no success. I have my cable box to TV with...

windows 10 - how to access music on my laptop

Hi - just installed Sonos on my new laptop (windows 10) - but cannot access any music stored on the laptop. Any help appreciated - thanks

Songs Skipping

Hi My Sonos setup continually skips songs. They are on the device I'm playing the music from but randomly, midway through the song, it skips to the next song in the queue. Anybody any ideas? I hav...

Spotify and Pandora stop regularly

Our Sonos system stops playing at regular intervals each day, either playing Pandora from the Sonos controller or playing Spotify from the Spotify app. This has been happening for some time and we hav...


I am having real problems with the latest update. It says that it fixes a bug in the earlier one (also not good) but I cannot access my music library now. The latest update crashes when it start to do...


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