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Spotlight: the Five Music Services of the Week [Week 12]

Week 12: Week twelve of highlighting services available on Sonos. As mentioned before, we’ll show you all the features they offer: new music, your favorite artists, focus on genres and regions, live...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

"Please integrate service XYZ" requests: Read this news!

A lot of the new features requested here involve the adding of new services. The world of online music is evolving fast, and to help services integrate with Sonos, Sonos has introduced a Partners and...

Time Capsule

I have a TC which I want to place all my music files on. I DO NOT want anything to do with iTunes. I have a Playbar which I want to stream music to from the TC. [1] is this possible please? [2] how be...

Deezer Elite.. Is it worth it?

Hey So I've had Deezer Elite since I bought my Playbar last year and I enjoy the service and use it regularly and for £9.99 a month with a Sonos product it seemed fair. That has since gone up to £1...

BBC iPlayer

How do I listen to BBC iPlayer?

Play You tube in computer and in Sonos

Is this can be done with Sonos? Playing You tube in computer and in Sonos

Deezer family account

Hello. i have a fam account Deezer. One masteraccount with 4 account for fam. they have to sign in with master inlog en select after that the account of there own. In sonos i cannot select an othe...

Does Spotify on SONOS support Like/Thumbs up/down buttons

I allowed my Spotify subscription to expire a few weeks ago, and as considering trying it out again. But I recall the Like/Thumbs up/down buttons not working on Sonos for Spotify -- which is a dealbre...

Sonos cannot find NAS

Hi - NAS connected to switch. Path is //WDMyCloud._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Public/Shared Music/iTunes . Sonos cannot connect. What gives?

SONOS Playlist plays wrong songs?

I set up a SONOS Playlist with my favourites, but they change. The title still states that Guns'nRoses are playing, but it's actually Mumford & Sons. John Legend turned into Bruno Mars etc. Does anyon...

Apple Music Radio

I remember this being an issue a few months ago. The Apple Music Radio section only displays featured stations and Beats 1. I don't see any decades or genre-based stations unless they're listed in the...

Multiple Libraries and Users

There appear to be several questions in the forum related to multiple libraries and multiple user functionality for Sonos. Most are currently marked as answered through work arounds or explanations on...

login to TuneIn radio

I would like to have TuneIn radio added as a service, so that i can log in and access the saved presets from my phone. It's a great service, but Sonos implementation would be better if login was possi...

Amazon Prime skips back to start of song

When playing music through Amazon Prime on my Sonos Play 5 (previous gen), quite often the track currently playing will restart again from the beginning of that same track. (So it's not skipping to th...


I am using an external HD and plan on connecting it to an unmanaged switch which the SONOS is also connected too. Dumb question but how do I get the network path to the switch so i can map the SONOS...

Sirius XM

Does anyone know if there is anyway I can access Sirius XM Radio via my Sonos in the UK. I have a subscription but it doesn't offer as an option to add whilst in the UK....

[Feature request] Play Spotify podcasts

Hi, it would be great if it was possibly to listen to my Spotify podcasts at home on my Sonos system. Unfortunately, neither the Sonos nor the Spotify app let's me do this. It devalues my Sonos...

Integration with Philips Hue

http://www.meethue.com/en-US I'm thinking disco lights or setting lights from the mood of the playing song. Sunrise feature for the alarm. Or sundown from the sleep timer.

Can add my music folder to the sonos app

I cant add my music to the sonos application. I keep getting |Sonos was unable to add the music folder. It keeps pointing to my server at the office instead of my Music folder. I have literally tri...

Does accessing Spotify through Sonos affect Spotify personalizations?

If I use Sonos to play stuff from my Spotify account, are my selections sent back to Spotify so that those preferences are reflected in Spotify features like Release Radar and Discover Weekly? I supp...

Questlove Supreme program (Pandora) is not supported by Sonos?

Questlove Supreme is a limited program on Pandora that "airs" repeatedly from Wednesday until Friday and changes each week. When it first aired it worked fine on Sonos, but a while ago it stopped work...

Adding favorite songs within Apple Music On Demand Mode

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. When using apple music - shows mode. I can listen to a beats radio show on demand. During playback the song title info and album art changes with each...

BBC i Player Through Sonos

Can I play i player through Sonos pls? There are recorded shows which I can listen to on my i pad but obviously I want to listen through Sonos speakers if possible.

Iheart radio Canada

Hi was wondering if you will be adding iheartRadio Canada to the sonos player any time soon now that it is available in Canada? thanks Louy


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