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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, check o...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Adagio is a streaming of classical music

Adagio is a streaming of classical music. And it is free. It would be wonderful if I could listen to Idagio.

No Audio when streaming via Airplay to Apple TV to Beam via Airplay 2

We bought a Sonos Beam to replace our B&O Beolit '12 Airplay enabled speaker in the living room. We are using an Apple TV (4. gen) connected to a projector. So far the audio of video content was strea...

Songs Skipping

Hi My Sonos setup continually skips songs. They are on the device I'm playing the music from but randomly, midway through the song, it skips to the next song in the queue. Anybody any ideas? I hav...

moving music from microsoft groove

i have got all my own music stored in microsoft groove, i have just got a new ipad / i installed the sonos app and i can not play my music from the groove. do i need to transfer for my music to the i...

5.1 setup with two sonos one's not showing up with airplay 2

I have a room setup with a playbar, sub, and 2 play:one. Since the play:ones are airplay compatible, I expect them to work with air play 2 but it does not. What’s the issue?

Music cuts out/jumps to next track

Worked fine for a month, suddenly it begins skipping tracks or skipping to the next song early when using songs on my iPhone library.

Airplay on Sonos 1

Ive updated my software and have Airplay showing in the settings menu. My Sono 1 is shown as an Airplay speaker but the text is light grey not black. When I play You Tube I can see the Sonos One in th...

Using a Time Capsule for iTunes Music

I am interested in purchasing a Time Capsule to backup a customer's iTunes library. If I am not mistaken the Time Machine backup on the time Capsule is encrypted and compressed. Can Sonos read the mus...

Airplay and windows PC

Hi everyone, Did somebody managed to stream the audio from a windows 10 PC to Sonos via Airplay? I was very excited with the AP2 update as I've been hoping that it will allow me to stream the audio...

Play:1 Airplay support?

Is there any chance of getting Airplay support on Play:1? Thanks

Subsonic - not displaying art for Artist

In the SONOS app when viewing your Music Library through Subsonic, no Artist art is displayed. Neither the .jpg/.png within the Artist folder, nor the Last.fm art that Subsonic downloads for the Arti...

IDAGIO - Classic Musik / Klassische Musik von IDAGIO auch bei SONOS?

Gute Neuigkeiten / Good News. Heute habe ich eine Mail von IDAGIO Entdeckt. Sie schrieben mir, dass sie Ihre Integration bei SONOS eingereicht haben: Hallo Wolfgang, ich kann Ihnen mitteilen, dass w...

Amazon Music Australia

Hi guys, When are you planning on supporting Amazon Music in Australia? I can see it's not supported here: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3524/~/amazon-music-and-sonos Thanks

Artist´s albums not in chronological order

Heya! So since few days it has been impossible not to be bothered by this fact. Each time I search for an artist, it will display the artists albums in random orders as well as all collaborations or a...

Data Tracking

Sonos Track your Data for commercial purposes. When I purchased my equipment in 2010 this was not the case. I asked Sonos to not retain my data or share it with other organisations. This was the answ...

iHeart Radio unable to authorize

I have seen other posts about this but I just started today having the issue of iHeart radio not playing anymore, and not it say's I can't authorize when trying to re-add the service. I have restarte...

Sonos One tone control with airplay2

How can I adjust tone control while using Apple Music through Airplay2?

Airplay 2 settings greyed out

Hi I have a Sonos one, I have updated the app, updated the Sonos and my iPhone. I go to settings in the Sonos app and press airplay, but the settings are all greyed out?! Where have I gone wrong? Ch...

Appletv send surround sound to sonos with airplay 2?

What possible configuration would do this? Would it be possible to have a old school setup with playbar and play 1 as a surround sound setup and then group it with a playone? Now that you can't use...

Sonos intercoms

Would it be possible for me to talk in my sonos app on my phone from the living room and have my voice come out of my sonos 1 in the bathroom to ask my daughter to get out of her bath? We could call t...

Artist names starting with 'The'

Hi, fairly new to Sonos, love it so far. I've noticed that when an Artists name starts with 'The' it is not displayed. (e.g. The Rolling Stones' just shows as 'Rolling Stones'). I've checked all the...

Amazon music in India and Sonos one

Hi Amazon's music service has launched in India, and I am a prime member. When will be available in Sonos as I have Sonos One. Regards Saumya Ganguli

Airplay 2 not working with Sonos One speakers

oops, realize it is because it's part of a surround system. hopefully issue get resolved


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