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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Trying to get a turntable setup with your Sonos system, but running into a little trouble? This thread has you covered. Before getting started, we need to ask a simple question— Does my turntable nee...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Amazon Prime Music India

When can we expect Amazon Prime Music integration in India. Its launched here.

Lost connection with Spotify - hardwired play 3

Hello, I have 5x play 3 1x sub installed in a small bar. Have just hardwired them all back to the router as I was dropping zones, sound dropping in and out out of random speakers etc. Now I’m seeing...

Unable To Browse Music With Sonos Controller Works Fine Everywhere Else

Hello Everyone - This issue has been bugging me for a while. A little background on the system: 1. One Sonos Connect which is hardwired to regular LAN 2. One Connectub also hard wired 3. Two Sonos:...

apple podcast playlist

Hi I have just bought my first sonos products and I am just trying to work out how to play things. In my apple podcast app on my phone I have created a playlist that has my unplayed episodes, Is th...

Sonos app and casting

Aaaarrgh! I want my music on my iPhone, my Apple Watch and my Google Minis. I can get Apple Music on my iPhone and Watch, but not Google Mini. I can get Google Music on my iPhone and Google Minis,...

Sonos and Google Mini and Chromecast?

I have Sonos a sonos 5 and 2 sonos play 1's. I want to purchase google mini (basically so my Mom can have fun talking to it).. I also own a few bluetooth new Bose portable speakers. Also have 2 FUGO...

Audible support

Sonos clearly states on their website that "Sonos plays everything – the most popular streaming services, on-demand Internet radio, your favorite podcasts and audiobooks, your go-to collection of down...

SonosTube App for YouTube - 2017 thread

best way to stream YouTube on playbar

Sonos android app can't find Sonos but continues to work fine with Spotify and from Windows PC

Sonos app (Android Pixel) died this afternoon and can't find system anymore. Still works fine from Win PC app and can still use my pixel phone to connect up with Spotify. Rebooted router, phone, re-in...

Play 1 - Spotify Now Showing

Not showing Spotify


Hello! We have a very popular VK.com network in Russia. Your representatives are also represented there https://vk.com/sonos_official. We ask the developers of the SONOS application to realize the pos...

Napster multi-artist station rename

When Rhapsody became Napster radio stations I had created came into Napster's Sonos sectioin as multi-artist rather than the name I had given them. The actual names are still shown in Napster. How do...

Some playlist shows blank in Xiami Music after Sonos 8.4 update

Xiami Music is a China Music service. There is a playlist on the top called ‘today featured’ when I added xiami music in sonos app. Everything works fine until I upgraded sonos app and sonos play1 sp...

BBC iPlayer Radio integration: who and when?

I am new to Sonos and I love my SonosOne. However, there is a major feature missing: BBC iPlayer radio integration. TuneIn is fine for live streaming, but not nearly as good as the iPlayer radio app...


I would like to be able to play on Overcast playlist on Sonos. Is there any way to contact Sonos to ask if this is possible?

2 Connect, but one doesn't see the NAS

I have an apple Airport Extreme connected to my router. My music is on a USB drive connected to it (hence acting as a NAS). I have 2 Sonos Connect, which used to work just fine, but recently one of th...

Google Home

When will I be able to run SONO's (player:1) from my google home device?

Albums in Spotify artists full of useless compilations

What happened to albums (in Spotify) in the latest Sonos update? When I browse an artist, I want to see that artist’s albums, and only that. Suddenly, it’s 80% absolutely useless compilations, some of...

Resolved - Apple Music Library Not Updating

Hi forum! For some reason, since updating to the latest update (version 8.2) my Apple Music connection seems to be being strange. If I download a new album via Apple Music, it downloads correctly but...

Spotify Music Service not available

Spotify was launched in South Africa on this week but is not available to add as a music service in my sonos ios app. Seems like Sonos needs to know spotify is now available here?

Google Play Library

Recent albums added to my Google Play library are not showing in my Sonos app. Up until recently this hasn't been a problem. (I noticed there is a question about a similar issue from 3 years ago but i...

Amazon Music in Australia

Amazon Music started in Australia in February but you can't seem to be able to add it as a music service on Sonos. Any updates on this?

Multiple Spotify accounts stream on Sonos and out

Hi, I'm having an issue where my roommate and I use a Spotify family account and we added both to the sonos, yet, when I'm out at the gym listening to music and he streams at home, it shuts the other...


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