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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, check o...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Amazon echo compatability

Does anybody know when the sonos upgrade which will allow wireless compatibility with Amazon Echo will be available?

Google home

Does anyone find themselves using their google home instead of their sonos system to listen to music? At first we used to turn the sonos on all the time to have better sound. Now the only time the so...

Amazon Music Unlimited

Dear.. I have Amazon Music Unlimited. This is supported in my region which is the Netherlands. My Sonos system is properly registered in the right region. Alas the music service Amazon Music does not...

Line-in skipping

I have a turntable with a pre-amp going directly into my Play5 via line-in. I’ve been having trouble with intermittent skipping to other speakers (play1 and play3) for a while now. Any trouble-shootin...

Open fm with Sonos

Good app in radio of poland is a Open Fm Ktoś próbował ?

Pandora Missing

Pandora doesn’t show in my list of ‘add music sevrices’ I’ve reset the controller and made sure I’m listed as being in the USA. What’s the scoop?

Sonos was unable to add the music folder. DESKTOP - xxxxxxx is not responding.

After having to reinstall Windows 10 and all my applications on my desktop PC, I am not able to add my music files to Sonos which I store on an external hard drive. I am using Kapsersky Internet Secu...

Songs skip to next song on when iPhone is the source selected on Sonos

Song from my iPhone don't play all the way through. They skip to the next song. This only happens when I play songs from my iPhone. What's up with that??

Line-In Latency/Delay Disable PLAY:5

Hey Sonos Engineers! I know this has been touched upon. I previously submitted this request to support and they encouraged me to share here to keep the conversation going. Is there any chance we cou...

TIDAL to SONOS streaming problem

I've just bought SONOS Play 1 and Play 5. The sound quality is great. I really enjoy listening to my music collection. Actually, I am migrating from Bose SoundTouch because there is no TIDAL support....

Cast Google Play Music to Sonos Unreliable

I see this has been a recurring issue for some months if not years. Google Play Music cast to Sonos from the app on controllers works but cannot be relied upon for me. It simply keeps stopping mid-way...

Data Tracking

Sonos Track your Data for commercial purposes. When I purchased my equipment in 2010 this was not the case. I asked Sonos to not retain my data or share it with other organisations. This was the answ...

"unable to browse music"

Since updating to the new controller release (supports Alexa) All my controllers have the same issue and cannot access any iheartradio stations I get spinning wheel then "unable to browse music" error...

Internet audio through Sonos

I want to play an internet audio stream through Sonos speakers. I have a Play:5 but a direct connection is not practical. Possibly I could download the stream to the PC music library and access there....

Cannot get my favourite radio station back

A couple of days ago I decided to listen to some recent radio shows of my favourite radio station ( Solar Radio ) through Mix cloud. After listening I wanted to go back to Solar Radio live show but c...

Support high resolution files

I purchase lots of high res FLAC files from hdtracks.com, but I can't play them on SONOS as high res FLAC files are not supported. Please add support for high res FLAC files: Reference: https:/...

Variable Playback Speed

Is there any way to play podcasts at one and a half times speed through the Sonos Speaker. On most other media players this is an option but the Sonos app does not. Sonas can you add this to the app...

Why does Apple Music refuse to play on my SONOS System....sometimes, and not others???

Hello. Below is a quirky and UNSOLVABLE problem. I have a Playbar and 2 Play 3s set up in a room. I use my controller to to go to my playlist which was formed with selections from Apple Music. I am t...

Audible.ca or Audible.com book search

For the Sonos Controller and Audible.ca Books, I have tried all of the options suggested, relinked my Sonos and Audible Accounts, restarted everything, sacrificed a lamb, but on any controller (Mac I...

YouTube music support?

I'm probaby one of the few living on the GPM island, but YouTube music is suppose to refresh today. Eventually, it will replace Google play music. Will Sonos support? https://youtu.be/HCLehj1B38M "O...

spotify shuffle only playing the same songs

have thousands of songs in my library, but no matter what, when i hit shuffle it plays the same songs over and over. it only does this when it's switched over to my sonos speaker, so i know it's not a...

Please Support Amazon Prime in Canada without Alexa

I understand the only way to use Amazon Prime in Canada with Sonos is with Alexa. It is not feasible to have to lower the volume each time you want to search and play a song when you could more easil...

ReListen was added as a SONOS music service

Thousands of live shows from your favorite jam bands. I’m so happy.


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