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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Trying to get a turntable setup with your Sonos system, but running into a little trouble? This thread has you covered. Before getting started, we need to ask a simple question— Does my turntable nee...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...


Hi, Any idea why I can't search in the bandcamp source for bands? I only see the records that i have purchased. Through the bandcamp website I can however stream various songs of bands that I haven't...

Searching a docked iPod?

I have a docked iPod that is one of the inputs to my Sonos system. It now has over 350 albums, with many different types of music. It is not searchable (Sonos support have confirmed that) so it is a...

You Tube Red

Can I play you tube red on sonos players?

Weak sound from record deck

I have the following: sonos player & 2 songs1 speakers used as surround system, just hooked up a songs connect z90 to listen to vinyl via audiotechnica lp120 with pre-amp switched on and line in set...

Playing from a WIFI device WITHOUT a WIFI network

I don't have a SONOS device but say I have a SONOS3. Also say I have an Android device and an old iPod with MP3 files on it and/or a desktop PC with a wireless card in it and nothing else. No rout...

Pandora Premium Sonos Integration

A short subject-starter on the topic since I've not seen any rumblings anywhere on it.... I'm incredibly interested in the soon-to-be available Pandora Premium service and would love to know any detai...

Spotify inactivity timeout

Does Spotify have an inactivity timeout? We are hard wired with ethernet. I hit play in the morning but within 4 - 8 hours I have to click play again.

Music Services not showing

I am unable to get any of the Music Services showing on Sonos. I have a Apple Music account and want to use on Sonos. It was all okay until we had Sky Q fitted and so had to reset everything in our ho...

Can Playbar be grouped with other speakers to share the TV sound (not as surround sound)

The question is in the title - the scenario is ... that whilst TV is playing, I would like to hear the TV sound in another room ... ie to listen to sport commentary whilst I am in the kitchen.... it...

AirPlay 2 request

I understand that SonosNet is allegedly superior to Wi-Fi/AirPlay for streaming.. but I hope Sonos re-considers the decision to not implement AirPlay. Now with AirPlay 2 supporting HomeKit integratio...

TIDAL Playlist & Artist order - it's just a mess

Please can we arrange TIDAL playlists and artists alphabetically? This has been an issue for over 2 years now and I am astounded that something so simple and fundamental has not yet been addressed....

Support for Pandora on Demand

Pandora has just announced that they now have an "On Demand" service similar to Spotify. Hopefully SONOS will announce support for this functionality. This would be a great time to deliver true Goog...

How do I set up Sonos 5 with Plex Media Server and use Android phone as controller on a wifi network WITHOUT internet access?

I need help after much frustration of nearly a year trying to I set up Sonos 5 with Plex Media Server and use my Android phone as controller on a wifi network WITHOUT internet access? We have a beach...

Connection with Spotify lost reported every 30 - 60min

My SONOS Play:1 reports that its connection to Spotify is lost throughout the day. Sometimes it remains stable for hours then it will start skipping songs and after some time it will re-establish a st...

Where is the Official Audible thread?

Hi, I remembered that Audible support was promised for the end of summer; so I logged into the forums today to check the Official Audible thread. But, I can't find this thread. Can someone point me i...

Songs in Spotify playlist greyed out on Sonos

I have read through all of the forum responses to this and connected my desktop music library (as opposed to iTunes) to Sonos, but still cannot get the tracks to play (they are all tracks imported int...

Slacker on Sonos in Canada

Today I turned on slacker as usual up here in Canada, and there is a looped recording saying its not available through Sonos unless I pay. Ah well so that's gone, whats next? Accuradio seems decent....

Connection to TuneIn lost

I cannot listen to podcasts via TuneIn. The system says: Connection to TuneIn lost ...

Alexa: Communications Matter

We all understand that communication regarding new functionality cannot necessarily be transparent to customers. But YOU promised an integration to Alexa by summer and did not deliver. You postpone an...

Alexa acting up

I have an Amazon Dot as a line-in source on one of my Play 5's. It had been working fine but just lately has started acting up. Alexa sounds very muted, extremely quiet, when answering a question....

Hungarian Radio station (Petofi) no longer working on sonos

Our Sonus system is now unable to play a Hungarian radio station called Petofi. It worked fine and then suddenly unable to play. I checked on Tunein site and it says station no longer available. It is...

Inability to accomodate a large library.

While very happy with almost every aspect of Sonos' capability - and their terrific support - it remains a disappointment that Sonos cannot accommodate a large library of tracks in iTunes. First, o...

Google Home

When will I be able to run SONO's (player:1) from my google home device?


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