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Spotlight: the Five Music Services of the Week [Week 12]

Week 12: Week twelve of highlighting services available on Sonos. As mentioned before, we’ll show you all the features they offer: new music, your favorite artists, focus on genres and regions, live...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

"Please integrate service XYZ" requests: Read this news!

A lot of the new features requested here involve the adding of new services. The world of online music is evolving fast, and to help services integrate with Sonos, Sonos has introduced a Partners and...

Sonos 5.1, play bar, sub, surrounds and Kodi

Current system runs beautifully 5.1. I have added a firestock and am having no succes getting 5.1 into the Sonos system. I have read every I can get my hands on, but no success. Can anyone update me o...

Sort Artist's Albums

I would like to see a new Music Library preference All my recordings are verified with Gracenote

Controlling through Spotify no longer available

Hi, I recently logged out of Spotify and back in to try and resolved some issues there... having logged back in, I can no longer connect to my Sonos device through the Spotify app (although it is s...

Spotify: Timing Out/Unable to Browse Music

I have been unable to play Spotify on my Sonos for the past week or so. On my Mac it tells me connection to the Spotify has timed out and on the PC it says unable to browse music. I am however able to...

Connect, Meridian and MQA

Will using a Connect with a Meridian Explorer DAC allow full resolution MQA?

Support for Pandora on Demand

Pandora has just announced that they now have an "On Demand" service similar to Spotify. Hopefully SONOS will announce support for this functionality. This would be a great time to deliver true Goog...

Apple Music Radio Menu is BROKEN again with latest update to add Beats 1 on demand shows

Since Apple Music's Radio menu was updated within SONOS to allow for playing on-demand Beats 1 radio shows, the rest of the options available included only "Featured", "Recently Played", and "Radio St...

Apple Music Radio

I remember this being an issue a few months ago. The Apple Music Radio section only displays featured stations and Beats 1. I don't see any decades or genre-based stations unless they're listed in the...

Deezer account not recognised by Sonos

I have a Deezer Family account, I want only the primary account to be available, but Sonos do not recognise my account. Account on Deezer created true Gmail SSO.

Issue with Plex Playlists

Roughly only 1/3 of my playlists in Plex are showing when I locate them in Sonos App / Select a Music Source / Plex/ Playlists. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount of playlists that can...

Input turntable

I'm looking at connecting my turntable to my sonos system. My long term aim it to get the new sonos playbase. 2 questions are: 1) Is there anyway to plug my turntable into the playbase along with the...

TuneIn not working

All of sudden today since doing a update to 7.2 TuneIn radio app is not working !! Does anyone know what happened to it ? and how can i listen to BBC radio 2 now ? Thanks

Anybody else want KLOVE as a music service?

I would love to play KLOVE throughout my whole house with my Sonos speakers! Anybody else with me?

nugs.net / livedownloads.com

Firstly, I want to express my enthusiasm that I can use my nugs.net account with my Sonos at all. That is really awesome. I have, however, noticed a few caveats. Why is it that I cannot access all of...

Line In really quiet

Hi there, I have a new Marantz MCR611 playing through Cambridge audio speakers in my living room. The audio out (L+R) of the Marantz is going into the audio in (L+R) of my Connect. The Connect is conn...


-_- i need to buy premium spotify for sonos ? REALLY ? BIG DISLIKE for this spotify hungry for money , the worst music app ... Deezer is really good , i will buy premium for deezer , spotify is only a...

Pandora Premium Sonos Integration

A short subject-starter on the topic since I've not seen any rumblings anywhere on it.... I'm incredibly interested in the soon-to-be available Pandora Premium service and would love to know any deta...

Deezer Elite.. Is it worth it?

Hey So I've had Deezer Elite since I bought my Playbar last year and I enjoy the service and use it regularly and for £9.99 a month with a Sonos product it seemed fair. That has since gone up to £1...

Line-in latency

Making music on my Mac in Abelton Live - with input from midi keyboard - as good as my Mac speakers are I would like to play and hear through my studio (graphics not music) speakers connected to my So...

Apple Music Help

I have the play 1 and it's linked up with my apple music account. However i was listening to one of my playlists and the music stopped. When i looked at my phone it said i needed to renew my apple mus...

Music Service/Source limitations and concerns

Hi All, I have a relatively small Sonos setup comprising 1 Play:3 and 2 * Play:1s. I love the speakers, the Sonos HW design and the innovation in features such as Trueplay. I was considering add...

Imported Music Library Keeps Disappearing

Over the last week or so my "Imported Music" keeps disappearing from my Sonos system. When I turn off my computer or it goes to sleep overnight and I open Sonos the next day when I try to open "Import...


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