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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've got you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, che...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

Living Room leaving group and switching back to TV when listening to line-in

This issue just started today. Listening to line-in (vinyl) through Connect. Hadn't had any prior issues with the set-up. No recent Sonos updates. Living Room: Sonos Playbar w/ 2 Play 3s and Sub...

Sonos app and Deezer hifi

Hey guys anyone else issues with the Sonos app and deezer/Spotify. The app seems to be sluggish and slow. With constant messages like Unable to connect to Deezer Unable to play track due to slow buf...

iTunes protected AAC audio file

I have music I bought on iTunes prior to 2009. The "kind" in iTunes is "protected AAC audio file". The file "type" on my computer is m4p. These songs do not appear in Sonos. What do I need to do i...

No Audio when streaming via Airplay to Apple TV to Beam via Airplay 2

We bought a Sonos Beam to replace our B&O Beolit '12 Airplay enabled speaker in the living room. We are using an Apple TV (4. gen) connected to a projector. So far the audio of video content was strea...

Airplay 2 / Sonos One / Apple TV

Is it possible to have the Apple TV default to airplay audio (Sonos One) without having to select this option in the settings each time? Also, is it possible to airplay video to Apple TV and audio to...

Sonos playlist unable connect to amazon music

Hi, I starting with Amazon Music Unlimited and it works nice. So I create some Sonos Playlists with Amazon songs mixed with my songs from a NAS. After one day I want to play the list an all Amazon t...

Sonos skipping on iphone/iPad stored music

My Sonos bridge skips songs mid-way through whenever I use device-stored music. I can stream from Amazon, etc., for hours without any skipping. If I change music sources, this happens immediately an...

Music in my NAS

Cannot browse music folders

SiriusXM channel update causing alarm issues

We use the alarm feature and have it configured to play siriusxm channels both in the morning and when we return home. When SiriusXM updates their channels, the alarm instead of playing music plays th...

All tracks in music library now in alphabetical order

For some reason, all of my album tracks are now listed alphabetically instead of by track number. Any ideas as to why and how to fix?

Music in my NAS correct post

I don't know if this feature has been removed but I cannot now browse my music folders. All my personal music is on a NAS drive. But the option to browse the folders is not in the list of options in t...

FreeNas and Sonos

Hi, I have used Sonos for many years, with no issues. However I am now unable to play any music. I have reinstalled the Sonos app on Windows, and attempted to connect to my nas. I get the error: Unabl...

A bit more on copying cds to NAS

I am just starting out with Sonos, setting up 3 Sonos Play 1s. I have a QNAP TS251, a Dell desktop with Windows 7 Pro and a IMac with High Sierra (10.13.6). I have about 2000 cds and the hope of stor...

Is there a way to stream the Radio Paradise alternate streams

Radio Paradise now has great alternate Mellow Mix, Rock Mix, Groovy Mix, and My Favorites streams in addition to their awesome eclectic Main Mix. Is there a way to stream them to my non-Alexa Sonos? I...

TRNTBL + Sonos — Speaker Buzzing and music Cuts Out

The Good News: I finally got my TRNTBL and Sonos to connect. After seven attempts, they connected! The Bad News: I’m hearing loud buzzing and the music cuts out about every 30 seconds. I need help!...

iMusic reauthorization and "check for updates" loop

Hi All, as of last night I have had issues with my entire system, on my iphone I tried to stream music from iMusic to my system (something I have done for years). I am then prompted with a reauthorize...

AirPlay audio cuts out when clicking ‘Play Next’

Can anyone else with Apple Music and Sonos confirm if the following happens to you when using AirPlay 2? When I am playing music from Apple Music on my iPhone to my Sonos One’s over AirPlay 2, I have...

Apple TV 4th generation (AirPlay 2) compatibility with Sonos

I have an Apple TV 4th generation, I use soundcloud, youtube and Apple Music mainly. I want to be able to have a seamless speaker to play my music through my Apple TV, not just my iphone and ipad. Wha...

Sonos + Apple TV4

Hi All, I just replaced my old Apple TV (with optical connection) by an Apple TV4. Since Airplay2 is now available on Sonos I thought I would get rid of the optical cable. So right now I have a Sonos...

Sonos wireless connection with primephonic

I really would like to be able to connect Primephonic wireless with Sonos. When will this be possible? On the Primephonic site I can read: "Our service is indeed not yet supported by Sonos. Establishi...

Spotify cutting out!

I have Spotify premium with 5 Family members on the account. We have never had a problem playing through Sonos but today I’m getting this every time we try and play Spotify. What’s happening?

Apple Music playlists completely messen up in Sonos Controller

Since a few days, my apple music playlists are just totally garbled in the Sonos controller. Deleted playlists are showing, active playlists are shown twice, there is a “ghost” playlist I cannot seem...

Audio dropping on every song when listening to music library: "Song is not encoded correctly"

What happens is this: - Every song played from my iTunes library cuts out about 30 seconds before the end and then picks up after about ten seconds of silence. On both the desktop app and the iPhon...


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