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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Trying to get a turntable setup with your Sonos system, but running into a little trouble? This thread has you covered. Before getting started, we need to ask a simple question— Does my turntable n...

Spotlight: the Five Music Services of the Week [Week 12]

Week 12: Week twelve of highlighting services available on Sonos. As mentioned before, we’ll show you all the features they offer: new music, your favorite artists, focus on genres and regions, live...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

"Please integrate service XYZ" requests: Read this news!

A lot of the new features requested here involve the adding of new services. The world of online music is evolving fast, and to help services integrate with Sonos, Sonos has introduced a Partners and...

Tidal: Unable to play, song not encoded correctly

I'm using Tidal and Spotify as sources for my Sonos. A number of songs are producing the message "unable to play... song not encoded correctly" when the music source is Tidal. The songs plays fine di...

Why can't I remove TuneIn radio from my sources?

I have no intention of ever using it, no sure the reasoning behind forcing it on your users. I can see having it set up after installation as an example, but forcing it to stay there seems a bit too f...

Pandora Premium Sonos Integration

A short subject-starter on the topic since I've not seen any rumblings anywhere on it.... I'm incredibly interested in the soon-to-be available Pandora Premium service and would love to know any deta...

Unable to authorize SoundCloud music service

I have an account with SoundCloud. I have the app installed & logged in. When I attempt to authorize via Sonos app ((click "authorize" button) nothing happens. Have tried uninstalling and install...

Is there a way to get the auto-playlist of "thumbs up" on Google Music in Sonos

While playing Google Music, I "thumbs up" songs I like. Google creates an auto-playlist of these songs. Is there a way for me to get to this playlist on Sonos through the Google Music App?

Support streaming audio from a Chrome browser tab

The are many occasions where I listen to audio within a tab on my Chrome browser. It would be nice to be able to capture the audio and stream it directly to Sonos using a Chrome extension (similar to...

Why can't Airplay work with Sonos?

Considering Spotify can now use Sonos speakers without having to open the Sonos app. Why can't we have the same functionality for Apple music/itunes please? It's such a pain! I don't like the Sonos...

Add song as favorite Apple Music

From within the sonos app is it possible to add a song as favourite for apple music, to be used for " play more like " functions for example?

Import music from iPad?

Can I import my music library on my iPad into the Sonos system? I don't have main computer where my Sonos system is. Thank you

Soundcloud doesn't show up after adding it as a service (Android)

Sonos Android app -> Add Music Services -> SoundCloud -> Add to Sonos -> I already have an account -> Authorize -> Sign In => "Soundcloud is now set up on Sonos. You can return to your Sonos App now."...

Pandora dropping stations to select from

My iPhone pandora has all of my stations on it, but a few of them are not listed in my sonos pandora. If I add them again on sonos pandora they will reappear but other may drop off. Is there a limit...

Playing Pandora DMX through Sonos

I have an existing Sonos system and I want to stream music using the DMX Pandora service in my business. The DMX Pandora is connected to the router and connected to the SONOS CONNECT via RCA cables....

Deezer Elite

Just a quick question, I'm thinking of signing up to Deezer Elite. I have two play one"s paired and a play 5 (the old one). Will I notice any difference in quality? Thanks

Wink Integration

Has Sonos been working on integrating with Wink Hub. I have my home connected through Sonos hubs.

Station not loading

The Bar Rockin Blues station will not load. Any suggestions? It is my favourite

Alexa/Echo yet?

I can not seem to find if or when the integration with Amazon Alexa will happen. And I have been looking...

Do you know TRNTBL by Vinyl (turning table for SONOS)? To order it is a bad idea!

TRNTBL: the first turning table streaming on SONOSnet... The situation about this is really bad: they are still getting orders but they've never delivered ONE device in one year. I've ordered it la...


Does anyone know about the new wireless record player by TRNTBL. It says its supported by SONOS on its website. Is it supported by SONOS does it connect through the SONOS network.

Pandora Premium

Pandora just added a new service, Pandora Premium. Will it work with SONOS?

Continual dropouts on BBC radio stations via TuneIn

I've been having constant dropouts on BBC R2 and 6 Music for months. System works perfectly when streaming Spotify and other radio stations. Diagnostics number: 7254670

sonos and synology NAS

Hi, what's the best way to set up sonos with a synology disk station NAS? I currently have my music ripped into iTunes on an iMac but would prefer to have the library on the NAS connected to the route...


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