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Using a Turntable with Sonos

Thinking about getting a turntable setup with your Sonos system and wondering where to start? We've got you covered. If you're looking for a quick overview before you dive into the details below, che...

Streaming Your Music Collection to Sonos

Many of the streaming services supported by Sonos allow you to upload your personal music files and stream them via the Internet. While Sonos has always been able to play your local collection from a...

ALAC 24 bit

I bought a 24 bit ALAC track and Sonos does not want to play it. I found another thread that said the FLAC engine had been updated with 24 bit support. Maybe the ALAC engine could get a bump as well?

SiriusXM Xtra Channels

Does Sonos have any information on whether they will be adding these Xtra channels to the SiriusXM music service app? Sirius has just released over 100 new channels and the addition of these would be...

'Where has my favorite radio station gone'?

For a few weeks now I'm unable to tune into to my radio station... it's 'The Lake - WLKK'.... WHERE'D IT GO AND WHY????

Record player

I have a connect amp issue connect my record player it cuts out

Sonos Amp Airplay 'popping' when skipping track

When skipping tracks via my iPhone, or iTunes on a Mac, there is a "pop" from the speakers, then the track plays as normal. This is with a brand new Sonos Amp, and KEF CI160QR ceiling speakers, via...

Spotify not working; can only play songs through SONOS app

Hi I have been having problems for a few days now. I have a SONOS one, and everything else seems to be working fine except Spotify. It started dropping out a few days ago. I have followed all the...

Is there a way yet (2019) to see two libraries separately instead of their content being intermingled? One on laptop, one on NAS.

Yes, we know Folder View kind of does that, but we want the standard choices (Album, Artist, etc) to be usable for each library separately. We use Macs, so if iTunes is needed, that's OK.

Ny musikktjeneste

Det som før var Spotify Business er nå blitt til Soundtrack, men de fins ikke blant musikktjenestene jeg kan velge mellom. Hvordan får jeg lyd fra denne appen (på PC) ut til anlegget mitt?

SonosLibraryService failed to start

I completely reinstalled my computer and noticed that the current version of Sonoc Controller (for Windows) seems to be broken. The "SonosLibraryService.exe" program fails to start due to a .NET-Exce...

Music just stops playing...

My system consists of a Sonos Bridge, plugged directly into my EE router, 3 Play:1 speakers in separate rooms and a Play:3 central in my house. Today I am playing music downloaded to my phone, an iPho...

Sonos "unable to play" Plex music . . . with weird symptoms.

Hi, I see that there are a lot of threads with people getting an "unable to play [title]" when trying to access Plex. I've read them, and followed a few suggestions to no avail. The circumstances for...

SiriusXM "The channel does not exist (anymore)."

Once again...., I am unable to access SiriusXM via my Sonos system. This is a consistent problem with Sonos, Why.......................................???? I described today's problem in a previous th...

Airplay and windows PC

Hi everyone, Did somebody managed to stream the audio from a windows 10 PC to Sonos via Airplay? I was very excited with the AP2 update as I've been hoping that it will allow me to stream the audio...

Podcast apps that work with Sonos that are not the iOS app?

Can't seem to find an answer here, but are there any podcast apps that will work through the Sonos system that are not the built in iOS "apple" podcast app?

Cannot view Youtube music downloaded songs

I use youtube music premium, recently shifted from Apple Music. However, found integration of youtube music with Sonos as poor. I cannot see: Downloaded songs, Music as per mood, can only see recently...


I've been using Sonos to connect and listen to SiriusXM for the past 3 years. Today I can't access my SiriusXM account through Sonos, it says my username or password is incorrect. I know this isn't...

Apple music & Play / Shuffle all songs

In my collection there is over 12000 songs. When trying to play / shuffle all from Sonos Controler app it first gives an error (1002) and seems like it's unable to load the queue. But then after 2 -3...

Unable to separate podcasts from music

I have a selection of podcasts and music on ITunes. How can I separate these on Sonos? They are currently randomly listed all together

Connectivity to Spotify

Recently, when attempting to play Spotify through my sonos speakers, the sonos app has been giving me error messages saying that sonos cannot connect to Spotify. It has been a week, and the issue has...

Spotify Connect & India

Spotify has just launched in India; for Spotify Connect to work, is it necessary for Spotify to be added to my music services in Sonos? If yes, when will it be visible for selection under music servic...

Spotify connection problem

For about the last 2 weeks I can only play Spotify tracks via the Sonos app, I can't play any Spotify tracks on my Sonos speakers from the Spotify app itself. No error messages are displayed, and it l...

How to play an app through sonos player

Is it possible to play an app through Sonos? For example, the white noise app, which is on my iPhone and is not integrated into the sonos player. I would like to do this wirelessly, not using the line...

Can't connect to Sonos via Spotify Connect

I'm having an issue that I've seen crop up on multiple other threads, but have not seen a clear fix for: I cannot connect to my Sonos speaker via the Spotify Connect feature within the Spotify app for...


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