• 14 October 2017
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As a Jazz fan, I frequently listen to records, because of the sometimes excellent liner notes, which were intelligently written by some great critics.

TunesMap is trying to bring back that experience, and more, to Sonos. Requires an Apple TV, but that's a minor hurdle if it delivers as promised. This could well be Sonos' answer to Roon.

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11 replies

Just really to bump this up, thanks to chicks for posting about this in another thread otherwise I would have miased it.

Anyone with an Apple TV (4k or 4th generation versions) need to look at this. Just started testing TunesMap today and think it could have a very bright future.
Had to buy an AppleTV to try it out (typical Apple, grossly overpriced; Fire Stick does exactly the same job, with better remote, for less than 1/2 the price).

It’s fascinating that they can tap into whatever Sonos device you’re listening to, determine what’s playing, display the album and artist, then offer articles, videos, photos related artists, etc. Kept me up until 1am, sigh.

Unfortunately, you have the choice to read the text either on the TV screen, or your iPhone. Their app isn’t optimized for the iPad, which would be the ideal UI for this. Frankly, I would eliminate the need for a TV altogether, and target the iPad for the whole thing. I suppose they still need the AppleTV as the server.

It is nice to see what song is playing on radio stations (that send the metadata), and playlists that you’re started via Alexa voice commands.
Yes... the iPad app - it’s also a bit limited with features and its actually an iPhone app.

They should also have on the ATV have a larger artwork option, something thats asked for regularly on the forum here. Wife thought it was great but also another “thing” to use just to listen to music but was impresed with the artwork and articles. Went a bit wrong when she selected a video as our TV is not connected to Sonos and the audio came out the TV. With Airplay 2 audio will then work (if Sonos automatically switches input) but as a Sonos partner I am sure they have some good plans ahead.

Seemed to work with Amazon Music as well, thought it was just Spotify and Apple Music?
Has worked with every music source I tried, including the thumb drive on the back of my router, Tidal, Pandora, Amazon Music, Radio streams that send the metadata.

With a proper iPad app, this would be Roon without the limitations: far simpler to configure, far better support for third party music apps, no need to “tweak” anything. This is for music lovers, where Roon is much more for tweako audiophile types. It has a far larger potential user base than Roon.
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Looks interesting.

Does the Tunesmap app control the music or is it view only?

Does it suggest music/link to your local library?

Any idea of the cost once the beta is over?

Does it only show content from what's now playing or can I use it to search read/view content on any of my services independent of now playing?
It has pause, skip forwards & skip back.

Does not link to local library for suggestions (might to in the future) Playing local music does however bring up content from the Internet.

No idea of cost.

There is an explore option (which looks like it broke in a beta update that just came out) which lets you go off and look at other things whilst your music is playing but not really looked at this yet.

Overall a very interesting application, no doubt this is just the start.

Even my wife is starting to be impressed.
It is beta, had to restart the AppleTV after installing the new version this morning.

Maybe they expect to cover costs through Amazon and eBay commissions? I imagine they will add advertising, too.
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Just signed up to give this a try... had to re-hook up my Apple TVs... but this could be interesting. :)

I'm guessing that it works similar to, where Sonos sends what you're listening to to TunesMap, the app then updates what it's showing based on what it received from Sonos. I'm guessing that tracking multiple zones won't work? Anyone tried that yet? With two TVs and Sonos zones in each of those rooms, it would be cool to have different things playing and show what's playing in each room.
Haven't tried grouping. Warning: It's bloody addictive! 🙂
Tunesmap AppleTV app is out of beta now, can be installed directly from AppleTV app store.
Also works with Spotify now. Since Spotify isn’t on AppleTV, and I don’t subscribe, I tested the free version of Spotify on the FireTV through Playbar, monitoring via AppleTV. Works.